Monday, June 12, 2006

Friends & Future

My friends have been very kind to me during this recovery period. I've been well looked after by my mom, making sure that I eat the right stuff. My bro and sis-in-law, had to put up with me being in the house and walking around like a mummy with an eye patch taped across my face. My nephews had to put up with my interruptions when I need to check my emails and disrupt their sacred time with the PC. Thanks to also folks who dropped by at the hospital and my bro's place to visit me and those who called or text me to find out how I am. Of course, added thanks to those who bought me my favourite food and to those who brought me out for meals and to run errands since I can't drive.

I was the youngest in the ward and I realise that apart from Ah Bee, my ward room mate, most of the older folks outside didn't have visitors at all during my 3 days there. I realise that friends and family are truly to be cherished. Family is always there, as they have no choice even if they don't want to! Ha ha ha....As for friends, this is a choice. Keeping in touch with friends is important, I guess, most folks kinda lose touch with their friends from younger days as they grow older. People come in and out of our lives at different points. Hang on to those friendships, accumulate instead of practicing FIFO (First In, First Out) method like most people do. We should have OIFI (Once In, Forever In) method. But of course, along the way, we do have friends whom we realise weren't friends and these are forgotten. That's call the pruning process. I told myself that I wouldn't want to be all alone in a hospital should I be warded again in future. That would be so sad. So, accumulate!

Last night, I was out with The Mahs for dinner. They took me out and we ended up at Ikea and I had my chilli dog! Yay! The Mahs are church friends whom live nearby and I have gotten to know the whole family quite well, helping them with their struggles in life at one time. However, the Mah kids have grown up and started working and things are looking better. So, at a time like this, they have kindly extended back their help in taking bored old me out! Ha Ha ...Oh, went to the new Cineleisure to check it out, pretty nice. It's still pretty empty but the cinema is in operation. Watching movies nowadays are so different from the simple cinemas in the past. Cinemas like Pavilion, Cathay, Rex, Federal - tickets used to cost RM1.50-RM4.50! And it was a big deal back then when we sat on the balcony as it was the most expensive scale. I still remember, if a blockbuster was on, the queue for the ticktes would snake all the from the ticket counter till the roadside!!! Those were the days. I took some pics of Cineleisure (I try to bring my camera along with me wherever I go nowadays). The top pic is the floor above the main hall which houses the cinema halls and the one at the bottom is the main hall where you get the tickets and screen the trailers.
The brightly lit building, view from The Curve.

Anyway, it was a nice outing and I went home less bored, for now! Hee Hee ... Sister Mah now has only one worry left, her twin daughters (so, that's two worries actually) , that is to see them grow up well! I have envisioned them to be models when they are older. They seem to have this look. But that will probably make Sister Mah worried sick about their lifestyles! (Sister Mah will have many many more exclamation marks to that sentence! LOL!). Well, we'll see what the future holds when the time comes. We'll see, for them and for all of us....Good night!

The future is always beginning now. ~ Mark Strand, Reasons for Moving

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