Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Taman Cheras

Oh, I've been meaning to write about my trip to Cheras, was there the week before my vision went kaput. Taman Cheras had their weekly pasar malam (night market) but it was raining. When I reached there, it was just a slight drizzle. At about 9 plus, quite a number of stalls had packed up due to the heavy downpour earlier. I was shown around by FA and made our first stop at the popiah stall.

We then continued walking till a Taiwanese sausage stall caught my eye. The lady told us that she was selling 3 sticks for RM4.00 (50 cents discount) as she wanted to close earlier for the night. FA bought 3 and on seeing that she had a bit more left, I decided to get another 3 sticks from her to help her out. She gladly let me take a pic of her as you can see from her smile. Ha ha....Blogging has definitely made me speak even more to strangers! I need to especially if I start taking pics of people/things I see. I mean, I have no problems striking up a conversation with a stranger but holding a camera makes it a lot easier and I'm surprised that the folks usually oblige. Of course, I usually tell them that I'm taking photos for my blog and ask whether I can post it on the internet.
Anyway, we then move on to my favourite Chee Cheong Fun stall, located near the 7-Eleven store. My 2nd favourite CCF stall is Ah Keong's, located in Damansara Uptown Hawker Center (I will blog on that later). Anyway, this is my favourite CCF stall.

There are a few reasons why. You see the stainless steel plate? There is just something about it, makes the CCF taste a whole lot better as compared to those served up in plastic plates. Secondly, the sweet sauce combined with the chilly sauce is really good, topped with lots of sesame seeds! Thirdly, they serve my favourite Ham meatball. Not just ordinary pork meatballs, but ham!!! The ham meatballs are the ones in the darker shade of brownish red in the bottom centre (looks more reddish on my plate). Fourthly, everything is nicely compartmentalise and neat. I sure you can see what I mean by compartmentalise from the pic. It's almost like playing tic-tac-toe! LOL...Furthermore, eating alfresco simply brings out the best for such food category. As my favourite line goes - "What's not to love about life?"

The view from the shops' walkway where I sat eating - the stalls and more tables lined the roadside (sorry, shaky hands)

Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity. ~ Voltaire


Edwin Sumun said...

Visage eh? Fade to of the classic songs from the 80s. Glad to hear that your own 'visage' is back. I just bought two 3CD box sets of 80s stuff. Yup, loved it then, love it now!

Oh, and the Diva has returned.

Hope you had a great day today.

Rafleesia said...

ooooh i lurve chee cheong fun esp with loads of processed balls! sorry to hear about your eye - but glad you can still blog and of course, eat! take good care!

Rafleesia said...
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wmw said...

Sigh, that is disappointing. But life goes on! Hey, you have to try the ham meatball!