Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Century Post!

I just realised that this will be my 100th post! Can you say a century post??? Anyway, right or wrong, people usually make it a cause for celebration. Reflecting back to my 1st post, one of the reasons why I started was that I was inspired by Jen. I'm reminded of her strength and determination and will always miss her. I know she's happy where she is, having move on with her new life. God bless her family. I supposed when I'm no longer here, my blog will still be around and that itself will leave some part of me behind. So, apart from this being the 100th post, being alive and well (albeit with a recovering "eye") is a cause for celebration! Yes, I'm thankful. Thankful for what I have and for who I have in my life. I have indeed been truly blessed.

Here's some pointers from an article that I came across from Complete Woman Oct/Nov 2005 issue. I won't type in the summary but I believe the keywords are self explanatory.
25 Things To Do Before You Die - Live It Up!
  1. Live in a completely different place for a year.
  2. Take a road trip across the country.
  3. Celebrate your inner child.
  4. Do something crazy.
  5. Save a life.
  6. Parachute from a plane. Better yet, learn to fly one.
  7. Record music.
  8. Run a race
  9. Fall in love.
  10. Break a habit
  11. Be a big sister to someone.
  12. Adopt an animal.
  13. Work in a soup kitchen
  14. Look up an old friend.
  15. Do nothing for one full day.
  16. Take lessons.
  17. Trace your roots.
  18. Meet your hero.
  19. Write poetry.
  20. Plant a tree.
  21. Share a fantasy.
  22. Change your career.
  23. Be a schoolteacher for a day.
  24. Pass on a family heirloom.
  25. Live half of each day as if it's the first in your life. Then live the next half as if it were your last.
I have actually done some of things in this list. Do you have your own list? I think we should all have one, one that we should act on - start living. Too difficult? Then maybe you can use the one above as your list of things to do. Have a great life!
I just love the colours of this pic I took in Turkey. That's how our lives should be, full of colours and spiced up for extra "oomph"!

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~ Thornton Wilder

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