Friday, June 09, 2006

Seremban Beef Noodles

Sweet picked me up this morning for breakfast and we ended up in Yong Len,TTDI. She had the mee yoke (prawn mee) and I had chee cheong fun. Though it was a short outing, it was fun nevertheless. Sweet drove, shall I say, in a way where she doesn't really know where she's going but she just drives! LOL....She told me to blog about this, and that I the "blind" one actually gave her the directions and lead her to the place! Thanks Sweet, for taking me out and helping me to get my car from the service center too. Yes, and thanks for somehow teaching your little Rebecca that my name is Captain Jackie Sparrow (wah! changing Jack to Jackie was cute!!!!!) Captain Jack Sparrow's not a one eyed pirate (why do they associate pirates as to being one-eyed?). I maybe one eyed for now but am definitely not a Keith Richards look alike! Ha Ha Ha.... But I am waiting anxiously to watch the sequel, check out the trailer! Johnny Depp is marvelous!

Anyway, I had an interesting lunch. My bro and family actually decided to drive all the way to Seremban to eat beef noodles. Never one to turn down food, I followed them. This reminded me of the time when KA and I went all the way to Ipoh to eat curry laksa noodles. "Have food, will travel!". So, I wasn't gonna pass up on a trip like this. The journey took about an hour. I fell asleep along the way and woke up when we arrived at the Seremban Market. Talk about great timing! We made out way along the busy market and found a table near to the stall (the one in the middle, stall no. 742). The stall looks like it's been around a long time. So that means it must be good (or dirty to the more hygienic ones!).

While waiting for the beef noodles, a crazy woman (literally!) came up to bro and asked him to buy some lottery tickets. Bro told her no and then she threw the lottery tickets on the table and bro pushed it back towards her, she then pushed it back to bro and bro back to her! This went on for a few more times and I told him to stop touching the tickets. Bro then stood up to order his food (he arrived later as he had to look for a place to park the car) and she promptly grabbed the tickets and shoved it to his stomach! Bro just walked off. To the horror of O, my nephew, she then turned her attention to him and shoved the ticket to his face (since he was seating down)! He avoided her hand and thankfully, the lady finally walked away. I think O must have been traumatized by this incident as he lost his appetite!

Well the noodles arrived...and I absolutely loved it. I like the the texture of the noodles and the mixture of the gravy with the sesame seeds, peanuts, chopped pickled vegetables (char choy). The beef ball was good, home made and the soup was also delicious! Bro and E had second orders along with the additional orders for an extra bowl of tripe and a bowl of beef balls. After all, we drove all the way to Seremban, I suppose we should make the most of out this trip.

So, 30 minutes and 17 bowls later (bowls from noodles, soup, tripe and beef balls), the 6 of us made our way back to Petaling Jaya. Such bliss! LOL...
My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four; unless there are three other people. - Orson Welles


mrs.pitt said...

wah .. all the way to seremban for beef noodle soup ... must be very good leh!! i guess it is worth going the extra miles for such good food. any chance we can do it when i am back. hopefully crazy chick with lottery tickets is not a regular cause I don't do well with crazy people!! i am impressed .. 17 bowls!!!

sounds like you're back to your old self ... appetite and social activities back on schedule. good for you .. eh ... still on pain killers?

chih said...

ngau lum fun! that's one of the rare ties i have to my fam back in odd. i tend to think of my folks coming from penang only because of my mom.

things've been insane here! especially weather wise.

wmw said...

After surfing the internet, found out that there is another famous stall, stall no. 748! Gotta try that the next time.

Lee Ping said...

Loved your quote!

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four; unless there are three other people. - Orson Welles

wmw said...

Lee Ping : Ha ha ha...Glad you do :o) If you noticed, I usually end my post with a quote, unless there are continuous post.