Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

I'm so full now. Came back after dinner, celebrating Father's Day. My bro, the father, decided to buy us all dinner. He said this is in celebration of life and to show us that he value all of us as family members. sweet. You see something happened last night. The whole family (I wasn't there, was filled in on the details later) were on their way out for dinner when they passed the corner neighbour house and heard screams. Apparently two men were trying to carjack the neighbour's Mercedes Benz, trying to drag the lady driver out of the car. Her two boys who were in the back, opened the car door and jumped out. All these happened in the driveway of the house. Seems that they rushed in when the autogate opened while the neighbour was trying to reverse out. So, that's when my bro and family passed by and saw the commotion.

My bro actually got down and his family told him to get back in as the men had knives. He then got back into the car and drove to try to block their getaway path. His car got rammed in the process and the carjackers made a swift turn and got away. Anyway, all this while, the family were in the car (even when it was rammed!) and they were as shaken as the neighbour who got carjacked. The police came later and by that time, the neighbourhood starting to crowd around to find out what had happened. The policemen stumbled upon a handphone left at the crimescene. Apparently, they just put it into a used plastic bag (not special or new ones). Guess we are a far cry from CSI. Ha ha ha...Talk about contaminating the evidence! So, that's why my bro appreciates life even more and the fact that he's still alive and nothing bad happened to him or to anyone else. Dinner was good, and that I will blog about another day.

Will end by posting the lyrics of a parody song I wrote for Mama Cindy. She had contacted me last year while I was holidaying in Perth to come up with a song (touching or humourous) for her church youth to perform as part of Father's Day celebration. So, here's to all the Father's out there, Happy Father's Day... and to my dear ol' Dad, I do wish you all the good things even as you are up there watching over me. I will always be your little girl (no matter how big or old I am!) Love you!
Hee hee...Pulling that stunt with your big eyes again!
(Sung to the tune of Rasa Sayang) - written by wmw
Happy Father's Day,
Yours in June and Mom's in May
We wish you all the best things
A very Happy Father's Day....
Verse 1
We've come together on this special day
To wish all the Fathers in this special way
We wish you good health and also good wealth
So that you will buy us whatever we say.
Verse 2
We sing to you with our hearts and soul
And hope that everyone here will know
We love you from the bottom of our hearts
You can live with us when you're old!
Verse 3
We practiced hard to sing you this song
A thousand times, not to get it wrong
We have no money to buy things for you
So this song will just have to do
Verse 4
Everyone here now please sing along
Join in with us, this song won't be long
It's coming to an end for all really soon
Doesn't matter if you sing out of tune
Verse 5
We hope you like what we've done for you
We thank you Fathers...and Mothers too
Thank you for bringing us into the world
Now tomorrow, "Can I skip school??????"


Sweet said...

That's a really nice pic of you and your Dad. What a treasure!!!

Sandra said...

Omigod, you look so cute in that pic!! :-)

wmw said...

Thanks. That was more than 20 years and maybe about a 100 lbs ago? I think I'm no longer cute now. LOL ... See this entry for my baby pic ....

aliciaC said...

guess what? think father's day weekend was the time for crimes! my mom got robbed n fingers severed in the process by snatch thieves along jln bukit near UH. lost usage of pinky now forever. she was with my dad when it happened. he is the most shaken... tell u more next time. but pls be careful n take care of our elderly by fetching them rather than letting them travel on their own. they are easy preys now.

Sandra said...

Yes I've seen that pic. I've read through all of your blog posts since the beginning, remember? :-)

wmw said...

Sandra, I seriously didn't know that you have read through ALL my posts! :P

wmw said...

Alicia, I hope your parents are okay and your mom recovering well from the wounds. Sigh ...

blueygrey said...

haha.. love the song may. nanti kita jamming yer.

Lee Ping said...

I finally get to see your face. You are so beautiful. You remind me of the famous Taiwanese actress singer Ella. She is an actress in the drama "The Rose" and one of the singers in S.H.E.

You brother is a compassionate and brave man. It must run in the family. By the way, I tried to sing your song using the Rasa Sayang tune, just the first verse. The rest, I read. I like the humor at the end, something about can we skip school?