Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Caffe Greco, North Beach - San Francisco

After going for a dance party one Friday night, a few of us wanted to have coffee and cakes. I for one had no idea where to go for sure, being a visitor and didn't even think that there were still cafes opened near to midnight in San Francisco (unlike the nightlife in Kuala Lumpur!). Well, apparently if there were any establishments opened at such a time, it would be in the North Beach area...where mostly the artsy and unique stores are located.

Caffe Greco @ North Beach
Caffe Greco has been around since 1988. Situated in North Beach, it's one of the better known coffee places around town for their great tasting coffee, sandwiches & desserts and yes, it was still opened.

Inside looking out
Most of the patrons preferred sitting out on the pavement area to enjoy the cold breeze while drinking coffee but not us. Being a tad cold for us, we opted to sit inside.

The entrance
The entrance - Caffe Greco has two seating areas on the inside

The main sitting area
I just love the whole setup and the feel of sitting inside Caffe Greco, while it may not have the same effect on the locals though. Stepping into this place, the colours and deco conveyed a wonderful feeling of a truly authentic cafe.

Quiet in the 2nd seating area

Love the posters!
I simply love the posters (the two pics above are of the second seating area)

Hot Cappucino & Cake!
My cappucino and cake - they were obviously lovely, being a cold night and all but strangely it weren't these that stayed on my mind or the warmth that came from my cuppa. It was the warmth that was emitting from Caffe Greco itself, and THAT truly stayed on my mind :o) Must be largely due to the posters!

Having a cuppa
I guess coffee just simply tastes heavenly in Caffe Greco's wonderful atmosphere!

Caffe Greco (click HERE for location map)
423 Columbus Ave
San Francisco
CA 94133

Tel : (415) 397-6261
Mon-Thurs & Sun - 7 am -12am
Fri & Sat 7 am - 1 am

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jason said...

Where to find such place is KL!?

ai wei said...

jason, if u found one, drag me along!

~Christine~Leng said...

are you coming back soon? waiting for you to hunt for such place back here in KL!! :)

ilene said...

You think Hollywood had any shoots in this cafe? It looks like I've seen this cafe before - in a movie!

3 weeks and counting!!!! All can't wait for you to go on your food hunt here!

wmw said...

Jason & Ai Wei & Christine : All keep a look out for such a place....if there is, we all go!

Ilene : Not sure about the movies. I'm sad to be heading home to Malaysia...but yah! Wait, nasi lemak here I come...Hahahah!