Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dim Sum @ City View Restaurant, San Francisco

One of Mrs Pitt favourite dim sum place, City View Restaurant has been around for awhile and Mrs Pitt only does dim sum here and nowhere else. I have been here several times myself and have always enjoyed the food here. The place was pretty busy as we arrived close to lunch time. There was a line (or more like a cluster of us folks standing just at the door area) and luckily, we got a table after about 5 minutes. The place is clean and pleasant, not too much frills.

City View Restaurant, Commercial Street, San Francisco

City View Restaurant, Commercial Street, San Francisco

Mrs Pitt ordered quite a lot for the four of us - I shan't post pics on the usual dim sum fare like the siew mai, har gao (shrimp dumplings) and steamed prawn rice rolls.

Pan Fried Chives Dumplings
This is Zahara's favourite dim sum here - I love it too. Generous amount of chives stuffed and thin pan fried dough skin. A tad oily but simply delicious and very fragrant.

Yong Tow Foo! Stuffed Brinjals and Tofus
And who would have thought that this dish of Yong Tow Foo of stuffed Brinjals (aka eggplant aka aubergines) and tofus would fare better than the ones in Malaysia? Simply delightful, not oily and I guess the sauce made it better as it was light and aromatic.

Yam Puffs
This Yam Puffs were good in a different way - where it lacks the minced meat and ingredients, the yam paste was extremely fine and not pasty like.

Deep Fried Shrimp Rolls
This came recommended by the staff, we took it and didn't really have high expectations of it. We stared at the two cut up and rather scrawny deep fried rolls, popped a portion into our mouth and was pleasantly surprised that it was delicious. Fresh prawn bits with diced turnips and vegetables delivered a wonderful fragrant bite.

BBQ Pork Pastries
BBQ Pork Pastries -Pastry that crumbles in the mouth, coupled with the tasty BBQ Pork stuffing. Simply fantastic...

But the star of this meal was a surprisingly simple dish that truly delivered....

Steamed asparagus! "Voluptuous" sized asparagus sticks served with special sauce. The asparagus was steamed just right, tender yet retaining the crunch. The bean sauce which had hints of sesame seed oil was simply aromatic and complemented the asparagus. A must order!

Wonderful dim sum fare (I dare say better than most from Malaysia) away from home! Read more City View Restaurant's reviews on YELP!

City View Restaurant
662 Commercial Street,
San Francisco, CA 9411

Tel : (415) 398 2838

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USA - To Be Continued ...


minchow said...

Delicious!! Every last morsel in this post!! Even the asparagus, which I am supposed to be averse to. This city knows its dimsum!!

sc said...

hungry looking at all those lovely dimsums! and the eggplants were better there? aiks! i simply lurve eggplants!

Simon Seow said...

Better than Malaysia is not a surprise lol. I had in London one also better than malaysia.

SimpleGirl said...

never seen asparagus served in Dim Sum restaurant in Msia, really wonder howz the special sauce taste like, since you rated it so high!

jason said...

I don't quite like the stuffed beancurd and brinjal served in dim sum restaurants here... maybe I haven't found any good ones yet :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

Oooo..... looks damn good leh!!!!

ai wei said...

cool! dim sum in san franc! i heart egg plant a lot, stir fried, steam, stuffed with fish paste... but i heart only mum's made. :P
coz those from restaurant are super super oily.

Precious Pea said...

Steamed asparagus??? Wow...that is something very very new to me. Lovely dimsum dish too.

wmw said...

550ml jar of faith : Yes, surprisingly so!

SC : I think it's cos of the USA soil! Haha....

Simon Seow : Yes, how can hor?

SimpleGirl : It's so simple and nice, that's the beauty of it.

Jason : Hopefully, not in another country. Harder to get the food...:o)

NKOTB : Penang got or not? Actually haven't eaten dim sum in Penang leh:o)

Ai Wei : Lucky's cooking is always the best!

Precious P : Simple, I think you can also do this at home. Only the sauce can't get the same at CityView.