Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Things & Places Seen Around San Francisco - Part 1

I'll be posting random shots of pics I've taken here and there that caught my eye as I go for my daily walks in San Francisco. Probably quite a few, so here's Part 1!

Lane next to The Beat Museum at Broadway Street
Lane Next To The Beat Museum at Broadway Street

Chinatown Colours 1
Colourful Chinatown

Chinatown Colours 2
Colourful Chinatown shopping!

Transamerica @ Montgomery Street
Transamerica Pyramid at Montgomery Street...currently the 105th tallest building in the world.

Checking out the sound at the circle at Trans
One of the few circles on the grounds just outside the Transamerica building. Zahara pointed out that if we stood right in the center of the circle and speak, our voice becomes one of an "alien/robot"! We tried it out and our voices did change! Check it out if you're ever here. I'm not sure if this is a well known fact, but if not....You heard it here FIRST!

Side slope parking!
Talk about parking challenges, San Francisco is the place! Look at this side slope parking. I might just roll down the slope when I alight from the vehicle! Hahaha....Important driving lesson here - Remember to have your hand brakes on and gear in Park!

Cool Two Front Wheel Bike!
This cool two front wheel bike looks quite futuristic!

Cute Bug!
Cutest Bug I've seen! :o)

Stairways to Coit Tower
One of the stairways to Coit Tower

And for my fave pick of this batch ...

Giraffe Lamp Post
Giraffe Lamp Post! So cute!

USA - To Be Continued...


J2Kfm said...

very colourful place. and interesting fact bout the circle that changes your voice to an alien's. hahahah ...

Big Boys Oven said...

Looks so awesome! just fantastic!

Allan Yap & Nigel A. Skelchy said...

SF is a lovely place. Go to Castro, the Haight, and the Wharf. Then rent a car and drive over the bridge to Muir Woods and see some Giant Sequoias. Mind you, with your sis over there, you might have seen it all already. Oh and by the way, that 2 wheel bike thingy? It's availalble in Bali too! ;-) hahahaha

Christy said...

SF is lovely!! You are there, so jealous:)
Okayyyy, I heard it from UGWUG first about that circle that changes our voices to aliens, I shall make a note when I search for the place when I am there next time, and remind myself to note it in my blog :P

Can't wait for the rest of your posts!!:)

jason said...

LOL about you rolling down the slope!

Cute lah the lamp post. ^^ Is it cold there now?

allie said...

I like the shot of the pyramid building :)
I hope I can pay a visit to SF one day

Katie said...

I saw quite a few two-front-wheeled bikes while we were overseas lately - they look rather strange yet cool. Nice photos - it's nice being able to see things from your point of view.

Precious Pea said...

Hey, when you visiting SF after this trip?? Can I follow along ar??

wmw said...

J2Kfm : Yah, seriously...I wonder if that is a well known fact or not.

BBO : Come visit USA!

Allan and Nigel : Have been to those places before. Planning to go to Yosemite Park which I've yet to visit! Heard that it's a lovely place.

Christy : Come and try out the test at the circle! Hehehe...

Jason : Not cold, windy...the sun is out at times and cloudy on certain days.

Allie : Yes, come and visit, SFO is a lovely place.

Katie : I thought the bikes look rather futuristic, don't they?

Precious P : Hahaha...not sure when. I visit you first! ;o)