Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Day Out @ Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

It has been a month or so since I've been in San Francisco on a holiday (with another month to go). I've been enjoying myself and some friends have even contemplated to visit me while I'm still here. There is still time :o).....As I was looking around the internet for possible accommodation for friends, I came across If you are thinking of traveling here to San Francisco or anywhere else in the world for that matter, you can check out hotel accommodations on which is a simple site to navigate. One can find some great deals here as one can do a comparison of the list of hotels and choose according to popularity, distance and price!

Well, back to me as a tourist - as most would know, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is one of the most recognisable landmarks known. A trip to San Francisco would not be complete without dropping by the area for a closer look. One weekend, we parked our car some distance away and made our way on foot, with me taking photographs along the way before we reached the bridge.

A day out in San Francisco
Folks gathering at a nearby pier for some relaxation and/or fishing. Noticed the fin at the bottom centre of pic, not sure what sort of fish it is.

Go-Car Sightseeing
Along the way, one can hire one of these Go-Car for some sightseeing around San Francisco. I've have seen people driving around in these in busy tourist areas. I would feel a bit insecure, being in one of these while on a busy road next to bigger cars/trucks/buses!

Grass Earth
Along the way they have these earth globes with eco messages - this one to preserve green spaces.

Wood Earth
This wood earth globe was donated by Toyota

Hopper's Hands
Nearing the end of the path, one would see this metal plate with the words Hopper's Hand. There is this tradition where runners/joggers/strollers (and now pets too, with the addition of the little paw plate at the bottom) would touch this plate before turning around. But exactly who is Hopper and why are his hands here? There's really a interesting story about Hopper.

Water stop for doggies too!
They even provide drinking fountain for pets too!

Fort Point
Upon reaching the end of the track, we went into Fort Point which was built to protect San Francisco Harbour during & after the U.S. Civil war. It overlooks the bridge, hence this is also a great place to take a closer look at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Fort Point
The spiral stairs inside Fort Point

The lighthouse at Fort Point

Golden Gate Bridge
Finally, the Golden Gate Bridge up close, it's really majestic looking. Photo does not do it justice.

Golden Gate Bridge
I'm amazed at the structure, well one has to see it for themselves to know the amazement I felt!

Surfin' USA
This is Surfin' USA indeed!


Life for Beginners said...

That's always one of my dreams: to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. (Fortunately its destruction in X-Men: Last Stand and other Hollywood movies was just, well, a Hollywood special effect, haha.)

backStreetGluttons said...

You mean this bridge is better than the great Penang bridge ah ? Dun bluff !

But it looks awesome , better than in the bad disaster movies.

2 more months of real 1st world Paradise . wow!
Malaysia Bolih !

New Kid on the Blog said...

hubby went there once, and he can never forget the feeling till today. :)

wmw said...

LFB & BSG : Hahah, both also talked about movies!

NKOTB : Come here with hubby to see it for yourself?