Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Washington Bakery & Restaurant @ Washington Street, San Francisco

One of the places I made sure I drop by after shortly arriving here was Washington Bakery & Restaurant. Why? 'Cos this place serves one of my all time favourite dish, which is available back in Petaling Jaya but Washington here does a meaner version!

Washington Bakery & Restaurant @ Washington Street, San Francisco

Strawberry Ice Blend with Tapioca Balls
Zahara enjoying her Strawberry Ice Blend with Tapioca Balls

Shredded Roast Duck Porridge
She then ordered Shredded Roast Duck Porridge (USD5.50) which I tried. It was absolutely delicious. The aromatic duck meat and the smooth porridge is a must order for duck lovers.
Fish Ball Wanton Noodles
Mom wanted something simple and ordered the Fish Ball Wanton Noodles soup. I didn't touch the fish balls but tried the noodles. It was nice and springy but had a tad alkaline taste to it.

And as for my order .... TADAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

House Special Sweet Rice - Glutinous Rice
The House Special Sweet Rice (USD7). It was an extremely large portion - enough for two. This rice is like the Sang Chow Lo Mai Fan that is available back in Petaling Jaya but the way they do it here is much nicer. Fried with dried shrimp bits and lap cheong (Chinese sausage), the rice is not oily and wonderfully fragrant. The little bits of spring onions complete this rice dish, making this one dish that stays on my mind all the while when I'm back in Malaysia! To my USA readers, you're so much nearer to this place than I am ... (*pouts*)

Washington Bakery & Restaurant
733 Washington Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Tel: (415) 397 3232

Click HERE for directions...

USA - To Be Continued

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thenomadGourmand said...

that fried rice does look gooD! I luv fried rice! Where;s a good one in KL?

allie said...

totally agree with thenomadGourmand, the fried rice look great! But it's to far away from me *sad*
wonder if there's anything similar in Penang?

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

bakery for chow fan and somemore 20 over hrs away..

u really know how to tempt ppl =)

wmw said...

nomadGourmand : It's great stuff! KL, not sure, but PJ - Either Hong Kee Dim Sum or the "other" one,in Damansara Jaya area.

Allie : Penang? Hmmm...any one from Penang knows?

Joe : Hahaha...tempt? Take the next flight out to USA!

ai wei said...

i tot it is a place selling bread??? haha, with bakery the word

c said...

omg! lap cheong is my ultimate fav! it's amazing that you can still find food from home elsewhere. although i have to say that the only authentic food i'm able to find is the KL hokkien char!

550ml jar of faith said...

Aiks?? Not a smidgen of baked goodies?? And no props to Sir George himself? Hehe... me no fan of lap cheong so hurry to get there... the roast duck porridge sure sounds good though!

wmw said...

Ai Wei : It is also a bakery but more of a restaurant.

C: You found that? Where?

550ml jar of faith : Hahaha..Definitely no George here. The food is good, so far nothing outstanding from the bakery section. I just had the shredded roast duck porridge two days ago! Yumz!

jason said...

I can imagine the texture of the rice here... :P

wmw said...

Jason : Save money for US trip or Canada ;o)