Monday, August 17, 2009

Sweet Williams Old Fashioned Butter Cookies

With this visit to San Francisco this time round, I've discovered more interesting food/snacks - all thanks to the great folks around me. This time, Melina - who gave us these ...

Sweet Williams Old Fashioned Butter Cookies
Sweet Williams Old Fashioned Butter Cookies

Sweet Wiliams Old Fashioned Butter Cookies
Old Fashioned and hand made Butter Cookies, made with love :o) That's how it feels like whenever I eat one of these. It's like a warm blanket around me on a cold rainy day, the smile of a love one that says a thousand words, the laughter of a baby that tickles one's heart...hahaha...okay, okay, maybe not to those extent, but you know what I mean!

Sweet Williams Old Fashioned Butter Cookies
These babies melt in the mouth. I had to literally tell myself to STOP popping these into my mouth at some point as they are addictive!

Thanks Melina for these wonderful cookies! She got it from Whole Foods in Petaluma but apparently not all Whole Foods stock this cookies.


SimpleGirl said...

butter cookies with a cup of satisfy!!!

allie said...

Can I have a piece with my morning coffee? :)

ai wei said...

i love butter cookies!!!
souvenirssss :P

ahhaha, jz kd

J2Kfm said...

this is good stuff. i can almost imagine the rich, buttery aroma.

i like Kjeldsen's (sp?) butter cookies as well, been having them since i was a toddler.

Life 2.0 said...

Where did your friend purchase these cookies? I tried looking for them on google and could not find them.


ilene said...

Gee, I haven't had breakfast yet and the butter cookies are making me drool now!

I assume it's really made with lots of butter in it unlike some fake ones claiming to be butter cookies but can't even sniff the buttery smell let alone taste!

Hey, don't finish them all! Bring some home! hehehehe

Life for Beginners said...

Hand-made with LOVE, that's how granma's recipe goes, no? :)

I could so imagine that scenario, a cold, rainy day... dark storm clouds gathering outside, one is home alone sitting on the couch with a warm blanket (or warm pet, kitty/doggy) and a hot cuppa joe... and some of these old-fashion home-made butter cookies...

Suddenly I'm wishing I'm back at my apartment and for the skies to pour! lol

CUMI & CIKI said...

butter cookies.. damn addictive! i like the danish ones..

wmw said...

Simple Girl & Allie : Yes, we all wanna have it with a cuppa!

Ai Wei : I think might be all crushed by the time I bring it home :o(

J2Kfm :This is diff from Kjeldsen's, better than Kjeldsen's. Kjeldsen used to be really good but somehow doesn't taste the same anymore.

Life 2.0 : My friend bought it from Whole Foods in Petaluma and apparently not all Whole Foods carry the product.

Ilene : Sudah habis makan! hahahaha..

LFB : Ahhh...not that bad staying in cos of the rain uh? ;o)

wmw said...

Cumi&Ciki : Actually I like ALL sorts of butter cookies, hahaha..