Monday, December 18, 2006

See Show, Eat Duck, Have Desserts!

Gosh! Exams are over! Yay! I hope I don't have to re-sit! Ha ha ha...(laughing in a delusional manner!). Oh well, I have been catching up on my sleep and running lots of errands. Before, I write about food. I must blog about the wonderful play I saw on Saturday night. Took Sis Mah to watch SIB's musical drama "Drunk Before Dawn". JC managed to get me two tickets from a friend; tickets for all the shows were sold out! I must say, it was very nice. Loved the songs and the story was good. Well, we aren't exactly talking about Broadway plays but in my opinion, it was better than a lot of shows that I've seen here. Professionally done, great cast and all, for the fact that this was coming from a church. Even if the message of God didn't touch the heart of the audiences, the play itself would have wowed them. After all, this play was inspired by a true story. On Dec 21, it will be shown in Kota Kinabalu at the Yayasan Sabah Auditorium to raise funds for charity! It's even on the website of the Sabah Tourism Board! Go see it the play if you can!

Okay, now back to my regular program! Food...Hee hee...This time my fave place for roast duck, Restoran I-Po in Taman Bayu Perdana, Klang (located a few shoplots away from the Maybank that's next to the Caltex petrol station). Why do I love the roast duck here? Obviously, for a sinful reason, ha ha ha....The difference here is that, upon taking the order for a duck, they will dunk the roast duck into hot oil (hidden from our view) for an extra minute or so. So, what we get is a roast duck with crispy skin. However, this means that the roast duck has a bit more oil. Complete the meal with the nice duck sauce and their special chilli sauce plus tasty soup and there you have it, a meal that truly makes your day! Well, it makes MY day at least. ;o) A whole duck is going for RM32 (unless there is a price hike from the time of my visit-not surprising, everything is going up, LDP toll, from RM1.00 to RM1.60! Gasp!).

On one of my visits there, the three of us girls ordered a whole duck and the lady looked at us as if we were mad. Of course, after the meal, we showed her that we really loved the duck, were really hungry and that she was right, we were REALLY mad. LOL! A pic of the duck you say? Here it is! Oooh....I must make a trip to Klang for my roast duck soon, I'm craving for it now, looking at the pic!
As for desserts, we ended up trying this new place, Leo's Kafe in Bukit Tinggi. I was at Bukit Tinggi again recently at night. Wow! That place is really happening. Lots of packed restaurants and cafes. The roads were so busy and made even more crowded with the customers dining at the roadside. Gotta go back and try the other outlets there one day. Back to Leo's, we didn't try the food as we were still full. Anyway, the menu looks pretty ordinary and prices was reasonable.
The place is filled with "happy" colours. The staffs' uniform is a shocking pink t-shirt and pink bandanna; cute for the waitresses but not so for the waiters!

What caught my eye was the gelato selection. I quickly ordered one with biscotti (forgot the name - reasonably priced at RM5plus) and thoroughly enjoyed it. The rest of them had coffee.

I like the cute design they did, sort of like those in the States but of course, those in the States are a lot nicer and more complex like this little pic on the left that Mrs Pitt sent me when she was in Los Angeles. This is what she said about the drinks at Urth Cafe. "Check out the way they do the latte at this Urth Cafe. They make pictures with the milk and froth...leaf on one and a dolphin on the other. The best part is that the froth was thick enough that after drinking 1/3, the pic was still there!". Such a shame to drink and destroy the design, I'll probably admire it than to drink it!

Well, as for Leo's, can't say anything about the food as I didn't have any, but this looks like a good place to chill and catch up with friends, done over a cup of coffee and/or delicious gelato! By the way, whoever is reading this, how do you like your coffee (below are some sample answers!) ??? Do tell! Self censorship is advised! ;o)

He said : I like my coffee like my women: hot, strong, steamy.
She said : Chocolate, men, coffee - some things are better rich.
~ Author Unknown


boo_licious said...

The duck looks so good. Have been hearing quite a lot abt this Leo's Cafe, gelato looks good and cheap too.

Glad to hear yr exams are also over.

wmw said...

boo : *rub hands together* Yah, yah, the duck is so preciousssssss....LOL

Thanks, am glad myself too that exams are over!

toniXe said...

so now can go anywhere & eat anything lo no more exams !

so far to Klang ah ? ( actually v near but some way another world la ). heard bout this duck place in BP and yes Bukit Tinggi is great ( tried this place Taste Haven ? )

team BSG says

we want girls small, big, tall, short, rich, poor, slim,solid etc etc ( so greedy ) hahaha !

lyn said...

I like my coffee not too strong and hot & esp with slice of cake....mmmmm some women become hot, strong & steamy when they are around rich men! What say you?

wmw said...

tonixe: Yah, can already lo. Klang actually not that far leh. What's good in Taste Haven???

team BSG (is not tonixe? tonixe isn't team BSG???) : Wah, so kiasu, pau kar liau....all also want. LOL...

lyn : Hahaha...very true, some women who are cold might warm up quickly till the hot and steamy point when they are around rich men!

toniXe said...

Taste haven is a v chic cafe selling mainly foochow noodles and fusion desserts, popular with OL ( office ladies ), got some branches here and there

team BSG
just in case lah, what if no girls we want want us ? then how or who ?

wmw said...

Hey, tonixe, seriously, why don't you organise a food meeting for us food bloggers! We can take photos and would not mind waiting till everyone is done! Ha ha ha...Will try THaven when I'm in BT next. Thanks!

team BSG.....aiyoh, really kiasu!

toniXe said...

Good idea, have to consider that for 2007 ! It should be great, to finally see how the the Superstars do their thing !

wmw said...

tonixe : Yes, Superstars as in you all! Me still a baby in terms of experience (not in size! :p)