Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Where's The Christmas Spirit ?

It's the 20th, 5 more days and I'm not feeling the Christmas Spirit. I've not put up the Christmas tree and don't intend to, I've not bought any presents yet, I've not done anything Christmassy!
The malls are filled with Christmas trees and each decorated in its own theme. All along the concourse area, stalls and stalls are selling all the gifts that one might want to buy to give their loved ones, relatives and friends. It's packed on weekends and Christmas songs are being played everywhere.
People are also shopping like there's no tomorrow in hypermarkets. Gosh! Maybe they know something I don't? Is the rapture coming soon, like tomorrow? Ha ha ha...Why do I feel that it's all artificial hype ?
Maybe blogging about this would steer me towards it by the end of this post (which is about now!). Mmmm.....nope, still not feeling it! Am I the only one who's feeling (or shall I say, "not" feeling) this way?

From a commercial point of view, if Christmas did not exist it would be necessary to invent it. ~ Katharine Whitehorn


Tummythoz said...

I just enjoy working in Dec. Can wake up a 'lil later since much less traffic (during rush hour at non-shopping area) with most bosses on leave. Hurrah for d season of everybody rushing to clear leaves! Then again, it's d 'there goes another year & what have u accomplished' season where bouts of depression do guerilla style ambushes. Yeah, major mood swing season.

wmw said...

tummythoz:do know some with mood swings. True about being the best time to work in the office. I don't have any mood swings, as I'm not in any mood! Ha ha ha....4 days and counting.

boo_licious said...

hey, I know how you feel too. I'm just not in the mood this yr, at first I thot it's because I've not visited the malls but it just doesn't help. Strange rite?

wmw said...

boo: Yeah, it's kinda strange...why this year? Maybe we need to probe our subconscious mind for an answer! I shall see whether I have any improvements within these 4 days! ;o)

mrs. piit said...

christmas? bah humbug!!! sorry dear, this year we did not send christmas cards, no presents (except for the little one) and will be working during the holiday weekend. So, don't feel so bad if you don't have the tree up... it will come and be gone before you know it :) .. just as long as you have a good meal or meals and judging from the blog, you have been doing very very well!!

wmw said...

Mrs Pitt! So you too eh? Hey! Don't overwork yourself, I mean if you are feeling very drained at the end of each day, you should take it easier. No point working till you have to take sick leave which will pile on the work even further!