Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sakae Sushi, The Curve

Wanted to blog yesterday but I had trouble uploading my pics as the internet connection was still having some problems. It'll recover in time, I hope. I'm gonna blog on one of Mrs Pitt's favourite eating places when she was visiting Malaysia; Sakae Sushi.

I really don't know why, there are a lot of restaurants at The Curve but whenever we are at that place, we just can't pick a place to eat. Apart from Hooked that offers value for money meals, we can't decide as we haven't found a place with great food. However, for a quick and simple meal, we usually settle for Sakae Sushi.
What's good about this place is that we get to place our orders at our table. With a LCD panel at every station/table, we can go through the menu, scroll through the varieties, place and send our orders to the kitchen with few clicks on the mouse (I know this is a restaurant but I don't mean the rodent sort but the wired one! ha ha ha...). Even our green tea can be refilled from where we are seated as each place has a hot water dispenser. So, no hassle trying to get the attention of the staff should you want to add some food orders or request for more green tea. For those who are not good with IT, you can have the option of ordering the food from an old fashion printed menu and placing the orders through the staff. Hee hee...

Food wise, it's not the greatest but one can't find fault with it too. However, there is one item which we did find really good which is the Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza). JC and I only discovered it recently after having eaten there on several occasions. They are quite generous with the filling (squid, prawn, cabbage) and it had mayonnaise and lots of bonito flakes on top. Eaten together with wasabi, it was yummylicious. We told ourselves that we would order it again on our next visit here.
The rest of the fare was pretty normal. The sushi stuff being the norm but they do have a few variety that uses egg roll skin rather than seaweed. Pretty interesting.
Here are some pics of the cooked/fried stuff that we ate ('cos the fried stuff pics look nicer than the plain uncooked ones!)
The ebi (prawn) tempura rice is pretty nice.

KCC's fave soft shell crab (I find it a bit too oily however, that's usually the case when it comes to deep fried soft shell crab almost anywhere and everywhere)
Gyoza - Japanese Style Dumplings

Understanding Japanese language the WMW way
"Mitsubishi Toyota Yamaha Ogawa,
Honda Kawasaki Ajinomoto?"
"The food here is pretty good,
don't you think so?"


MeiyeN said...

this place is always packed and i wonder why... as you said, food not da greatest but it's always full!

wmw said...

Maybe it's the convenience of ordering/refilling tea at the table??? Cut down some waiting time? Nothing frustrates a customer more than one that is trying to get the attention of the waiter/waitress.

Xiu Long Bao said...

wow, this place looks gud. The gyoza n soft shell crabs look delicious...slurppp...wat about the price?

wmw said...

xlb: The prices are reasonable. Like I said, very convenient dining here!

toniXe said...

Japanese joints always have a certain 'class' if u know what I mean ? Add those automobiles & ajinomoto sure can fry one ! hohoho,moto !

wmw said...

tonixe : Yup, I know what you mean. But Japanese can also be crazy/insane too! Ha ha ha....

Anonymous said...

eh,when u eat there??how was the service, and all those food is it nice to eat??

wmw said...

Anonymous : Haven't been here for some time. Service is average and food like I said in the blog post is average. My fave food from here is the Okonomiyaki.