Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Need A Break From A Break!

Just got back from Malacca today, had free lodging, courtesy of Czar. It's under Leisure Holidays, Paradise Malacca Village Resort in Ayer Keroh. The place is old and needs more maintenance. I'm appreciative nevertheless that Czar passed it on to me and mom when she and her family couldn't make it. It was also pretty quiet. It was a time for me to think about life, you know, those kinda moments we have now and then. Will blog about the trip soon. Jo has also told me to blog about the INXS concert that I attended last Friday as she wanted details and details of the concert. She had won two RM382 tickets but couldn't go as she had to go for training. She offered it for sale at a much cheaper price and I was the "customer".

Anyway, went to see Monster House tonight, courtesy of Jo and Sin Chew Jit Poh. I must say, it was rather enjoyable and engaging from the very beginning. I don't think kids below the age of 12 should go and see it though. Certain scenes can be quite scary. Well, if I was 8, I will definitely have problem sleeping tonight! LOL! Mmm....Seems to be getting things courtesy of others lately. I have not been working for almost 3 months since my eye operation. So God has been kind to me! :o) Mrs Pitt called and told me to get some rest as she knows that I've been pretty tired of late. Going to bed soon, meanwhile, here's a pic of something that I came across. Does this mean durian season is definitely here???
Mutated durian-DDD38, but obviously not good for consumption since it's been discarded!


photo-effe said...

Très bonnes vacances !

Anonymous said...

u very lucky leh...ppl offering things to u leh....can offer free unit trust for me ah? :p

wmw said...

Yeah, photo-effe, been having good vacations. Next stop - Korea!

Jo - Free 1% for investment of RM200K.

Anonymous said...

Heehee! for 200K investment I can also offer free 1% additional units to Jo!