Thursday, August 24, 2006

HK Express, SS2 & My 2 New Blogs

Another food post today. Had dinner with Euro and KA the other night and since Euro had to drop by SS2 to pick up some stuff, we decided to eat around that area. Having eaten in HK Express before and found the food not bad, we decided to go there again.
For starters, we ordered the spicy salted squid (KCC looked for me the next day and wanted to eat lunch there again, this time we ordered the golden cup prawn. So, I will post the pic together with the dinner pictures). Both were tasty but I enjoyed the golden cup prawn better. The cup had some nata de coco together with an assortment of diced fruits and prawn. Topped with mayonnaise (one of my fave dressing! LOL!), it was delicious.
After pondering for awhile, I ordered the Mango Green Tea and Euro had the Peach Green Tea (forgot what KA ordered). I liked the drink, it was just refreshing.
When our food arrived, we tucked in and it was quite tasty. I had my HK style beef fried noodles, KA had HK style fish fillet fried noodles and Euro ordered the same meal she had before, Baked Cheese Spaghetti with Chicken Chop.
One of the staff there saw me taking photos and came up to me to ask if I wanted to take a picture of his dinner, Chicken Chop Burger in Yuen Long style. I was pleasantly surprised and took him up on his offer.
If one is looking for somewhere different from the usual busy Char Chan Teng, this is one place to consider. It's located at the same row, near to Chef Loong's.

Oh, by the way, I have started two new blogs today. One is to just showcase slides of my photos from Flickr (it's only a one entry blog, the updates will be loaded accordingly when I add my pictures to Flickr). It's called In Pictures (the link is also located at the side bar). As for the second blog, it's a photo blog where I will post my fave pics now and then. The pictures there might have been posted in here before. I decided on creating the other blog as to have an avenue to discuss about the picture itself. This one is called Visual Words (the link is also located at the side bar). So, feel free to drop by and leave some comments. I tell people that I'm only an amateur who just loves nice pictures.

One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photo out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photo out of focus are a style.
~ Author Unknown


photo-effe said...

Now in Switzerlan is 12 pm! I am hungry!

boo_licious said...

The food looks good but I noticed that this chan teng doesn't do as well as Prince and Wong Kok. Strange as only Chef Loong is super packed.

Anonymous said...

You are KILLING ME!!!!! Oooooh..I want to eat at HK Express NOW!! I get so hungry just looking at those pics!!

Anonymous said...

I like HK Express too!Don't like Chef Loong.Wong Kok ok but a bit pricey.Best service and food still is HK Express! In SS2 only la.KL got better places to eat.

Anonymous said...

who dares venture to KL just to eat? i feel like an illegal immigrant running across the border each time I'm in KL .. too hectic to enjoy food - even if these "chan teng"s are better in KL... :) WE LOVE CHAN TENG! WE LOVE CHAN TENG!! gotta go home now to eat dinner loh ..

wmw said...

photo-effe:Why don't you show me some pics of food in Switzerland and make me hungry??? Ha ha ha...I can post it in my blog, with your permission of course.

boo_licious : I do find the food here better than Wong Kok. Prince's food takes the 3rd placing. Maybe 'cos Prince Cafe is new. HK Express needs more publicity. Why don't you do a write up there??

wmw said...

jo : I only go to places which I'm already familiar with in KL. A bit too jam for me.

Mrs Pitt : Ok, ok, start making a list of places you want to eat at the next time you visit. I'll try to make sure to bring you to as many eateries I can.

Anonymous said...

The HK style fried beef noodle is really good! Looks kinda plain but yummy! Of all the 'cha chan teng' in PJ, I think HK Express is the best so far!

A Mature Student said...

Aiyoh, I had better stop going through your archives for now. Beh tahan liow. Tummy rumbling...but what can I eat?
I'll come back after my breakfast!

wmw said...

dr ve thru : Ha ha...See you around later then! Thanks for dropping by.