Friday, August 11, 2006

Singapore - Part 2.5

On our last day in Singapore before we made our way back home to Petaling Jaya, we told ourselves that we should wake up a little bit earlier. While Zahara and I were the last two to clean up, Amy and Mrs Pitt went down to the mall and got us the famous Ya Kun kaya (jam made from coconuts and eggs) toasted bread with coffee too. I found the bread too thin and didn't have enough "oomph" to it while the coffee was nice. Mrs Pitt got two little bottles of Ya Kun's famous kaya for mom too. Got to remember to ask mom whether it's good.
Shortly after, we met up with the relatives for lunch at the Charlton Hotel. They had mentioned that the dim sum at Wah Lok Restaurant is quite good. When we reached there, the place was still empty as it was just before lunch hour but as lunch time approached, the place was filled. The restaurant had a nice ambiance and the high ceiling added to its grandeur.
The relatives ordered all sorts of dim sum and made sure we had a good meal. The dim sum here is okay but I still prefer the ones from Chynna. After lunch, Mrs Pitt whisked Zahara off the a Chinese chiropractor to treat Zahara's elbow. 8 weeks ago, Zahara had knocked her left elbow against a door knob and has been experiencing pain and discomfort since then. The chiropractor said the pain is more so as a result of her spine that was bent. He then "set" the spine back in place and miraculously, the pain in the elbow was reduced to a slight (to almost nothing) discomfort. Zahara now has to take it easy for it to fully heal.

Rushing back from the chiro, we checked out of The Stamford and made our way to the bus pick up point at The Waterfront Plaza at Havelock Road. We reached Menara Axis, Petaling Jaya at about 8.45pm where bro picked us all up. We were hungry again by that time and decided to head to One Noodle Restaurant in SS2 for some Lai Mien (stretched noodles!). Will write about that in a separate post. The Singapore trip was great though it was just for 3D/2N. Mrs Pitt, Zahara and I had another short getaway in store....

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