Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mooncakes from Chynna

Just got back tonight from Korea. Will blog on that once I download my photos. Meanwhile, here's a short post on Chynna's (KL Hilton) mooncakes. I had the good fortune to taste their assorted miniature mooncakes. Read about the origin of mooncakes here.

I was impressed with the packaging; it was a long rectangle wooden box with an old fashion metal lock. To open, one had to slide out a metal flat pin before the lock can be flipped open.
Once opened, there are 8 miniature mooncakes packed in individual boxes (oh, Chynna has normal size moon cakes too). Since I was already taking photos of it, I decided to open each of the boxes to take a shot of how it looked liked. The pack comprised of 4 baked and 4 snow skin mooncakes. I use to like eating baked mooncakes but as I got older, I seem to have been "weaned" off and now just prefer an occasional one or two snow skinned ones. I tried the Snow Skin with Chocolate, Sunflower Seeds and Bailey's Centre. It was yummy! I have not tried the others yet though but this particular mooncake and the packaging are enough reasons for anyone (who loves boxes! Ha Ha ha....) to get themselves one. Just look at it!
Anyway, I had kept two other mooncake boxes from the past. Mooncakes nowadays are not only marketed with samples given out but also through it's packaging which evolved from a simple cardboard box till more elaborate ones today. Here are the two; Shangri-La's and Eu Yan Sang's (which I now use to store my knick knacks).

I guess it's the same with people, you gotta dress up to get noticed - wmw


toniXe said...

wow, an eye opener !
modern food preparation has become such an art, maybe its not meant to be consumed !

mrs.pitt said...

wow! how beautiful!! they are almost too pretty to be eaten!! Oh! how i miss Chyna! btw - so glad you are back --missed you lots! will call you, okay!

lyn said...

hehee.....I too sometimes buy things because of their packaging. maybe I'll get a box myself when we go to chyna next week!????