Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Home Cooked Food

With the current Chinese New Year celebrations, I've been eating home cooked food; courtesy of Czar, my sis in law and mom. Most eateries are closed at least for the first few days anyway. So, eating in was a welcome change for me as I don't get the chance to, most of the time. Anyway, most of these dishes are usually cooked during Chinese New Year. Not much to write about in this post, just photos. Mrs Pitt, will you ever be back here to celebrate Chinese New Year with us? Look at the food that you missed! :o)

From home
Fish maw, abalone and a whole lot of other things soup!
Chicken Feet and Mushrooms
Arrowhead (Ngah Ku) - best eaten as an overnight dish. By then the arrowhead is fully marinated in the sweet red sauce!
Sis in law's Ju Hu Char

From Czar
Czar's Ju Hu Char
Lettuce which you can eat with the Ju Hu Char and Arrowhead
Assorted Mushrooms with Fatt Choy (black sea moss)
Herbal Chicken
Cookies made by Czar
The lovely Pineapple TartAlmond cookies
Czar's first attempt at Shrimp Cookies - It's yummy!

I don't even butter my bread. I consider that cooking. - Katherine Cebrian


wonda said...

Home-cooked food? Looks like the food in the restaurants. You really could take good shots. Those food can make my cholestrol shoot up just by looking! I have never eaten some of the dishes you put up. Is it Cantonese or own concoction?

Precious Pea said...

The reddish arrow head looks interesting. Never seen it before. Nice? I loves arrow head..especially with chinese sausages. Yumz!

wmw said...

wonda: I believe the Ju Hu Char is a Hokkien dish. Not too sure about the arrowhead and the soup though. Thanks again for the complements...

precious pea :Yah, arrowhead with the sausages are yummy too!

Kok said...

Aiyo, I think you ordered those food from the restaurants eh? Look soooo good lah! haha! Like wonda said, I don't know some of the food leh. I don't know the arrow head, Ju Hu Char and the shrimp cookies. I wish I can have a try on all those food! hehe.

Anonymous said...

wmw, you mean to say you rarely have home cooked food? How I miss my mum's hai sim! The chicken feet looks so good...slurp. I also like the ju hu cha.....aiyoh, the lettuce looks just perfect for the ju hu cha.....SIGH!!
Can you tell the difference in taste between home cooked meals and restaurant food? :)

Judy Leese

wmw said...

kok:No leh, seems I'm surrounded by great cooks. How blessed can I be for one who likes to eat??? Hee hee...These food usually served during CNY holidays? Quite famous one wor. Shrimp cookies might be new as that's Czar's copyright invention!

Judy : Hey! Judyyyyyyyyyyyyy.......How are you? Glad you don't intend to be a stranger! Thanks for still dropping by. Yah, rarely...eat out most of the time leh. The lettuce was so green and lovely! The difference in taste between the two? There's more love in home cooked and more MSG in the restaurant food! LOL...

Keropok Man said...

i like the way your pineapple tarts have that wonderful twist on it.

so artistic!

wmw said...

keropok man : I would be glad to pass your message along to Czar, my friend, who baked these cookies.

ilene said...

WMW, ju hu char - my favourite dish! My mum cooks the best ju hu char and my mother-in-law cooks the best 'ngah koo' (arrowhead). MIL cooks the ngah koo with bean paste and 'siew yoke'. How I miss my mum's ju hu char for this year's CNY! (you know why) hiek! hiek! sob! sob!

mrs. pitt said...

I most certainly miss CNY!!! What is Ju Hu Char? I don't belive that I have heard of it before. Looking at the ngah ku really brings back many fond memories of growing up and celebrating CNY with the family. Hope you had fun, girl!! Happy CNY to everyone!

wmw said...

ilene : I really like the Ju Hu Char too...I like turnips basically. Nevermind, can cook Ju Hu Char anytime mah actually...not only for CNY.

Mrs Pitt : Ju Hu Char is a mixture of turnips, carrots, mushrooms and dried cuttlefish, chicken or pork. There are different styles in cooking and sometimes not all ingredients are used together. I normally like the ones with the vegetables and cuttlefish (shredded finely) - no chicken or pork. You eat it with the lettuce too, just like how we eat the arrowhead.