Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Makansutra, Plaza Damas (Floggers' Meet) Part 3

The main event of the floggers' meet took place last Saturday at Makansutra in Plaza Damas. I had earlier met up with Rasa Malaysia for a round of karaoke in Subang Jaya(where some members of the BSGs also joined us). The BSGs attempted to "kidnap" us to go to La La Chong instead after the session but we managed to escape by driving at neck breaking speed; it was a car chase scene that would have fit right in the movies of our local Gerak Khas! Ha ha ha...We manage to arrive at Makansutra safely (followed by two members of BSGs since they were right on our tail). Nahhh... the car chase never happened and the abduction idea was easily thwarted by directing the BSGs' attention to their jug of beer instead. LOL...

Arriving at Makansutra, we were greeted by Audrey, the dinner organizer. Fat Boy Bakes was already there as he made good on his promise of delivering us his Tiramisu cake. However he could not stay for dinner as he had to make good on another promise to his wife!

Here're the dishes served that night, the group of us took photos again (of course!) but angles on food shots are limited since there were quite a number of us. The food paparazzi (like Lyrical Lemongrass said!) struck again!
Mieng Kam - Hot stuff!
Asian Tapas - (L to R, clockwise) :
Pie Tee was really nice and tasty.
Kerabu Sotong (sourish spicy squid salad) was nice and really hot too,
this was a bit on the sweet side.
Fried Wontons had generous fillings and went well with the Thai chilli sauce.
Pomelo Salad - a first for me, liked it a lot.
The yummy and crispy Mango Chicken.
Tasty Sutra Prawn Curry - this was good!
Thai Seafood Tomyam - Average; notice mine has no fish as I don't like fish.
Homemade tofu with garlicky sauce was lovely - crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. A delight to bite into.
We also had wine that night, courtesy of few floggers. I brought Maker's Table.

All in all, 8 other great floggers (whom I've not met before except for some that Friday night) were present for that evening.

1) Teckiee of Eat First, Think Later
She is a very sweet girl who needed my protection most of the night as there was an abduction planned to ferry her away to Pangkor! The key word that started it all was Koong Pieah...and everything else after that was very much like "Fatal Attraction". Hee Hee hee....Seems, I'm now her Tai Kar Cheh!

2) BY of Rasa Malaysia
Having exchange comments after comments about gorgeous Daniel Henney on the blog, we had no problems striking up a conversation when we first met face to face; still touching on Daniel Henney and other yummy dishes!

3) Audrey of Audrey Cooks
My first encounter with her. She was most gracious and pretty cool, dealing with the disorder all around her! Ha ha ha...And she looks every bit of the part of a great cook!

4) Boo_licious of Masak-Masak
Finally met up with the legend on Friday and again here in Makansutra. Thanks for the concern about me driving around (vision hasn't really been the same since my retina detachment surgery). It was also from her blog that I learnt how to take food photographs from. So, it was an honour to have met up with her.

5) Jackson from Living in Food Heaven
As much as he's shy in a way, he warms up quickly too. Quick enough to ask if he can park at my house when he goes to SS2! LOL...Funny guy!

6) UnkaLeong of Books@Me
On a CNY break here from Thailand, this young man didn't have enough sleep when he arrived for dinner! Ha ha ha...Nice guy who has the same kind of humour that I have. Wish you all the best in your relationship (now that you have met her parents, it's on to the next level!).

7) Babe KL of Babe In the City KL (together with Dude KL Sr and Dude KL Jr)
She remained most calm and put to order of some of the disorder around :o) Thanks for serving up the Tiramisu and for putting up the pics in Flickr in lightning speed. Dude Sr was the strong and silent type, offering his insights now and then whereas Dude Jr showed us his aspirations to be a professional photographer.

8) Tonixe of Back Street Gluttons and fellow member
Finally found out how he manages to get his creative juices flowing when he writes in his blog. Ha ha ha....Just like how I need to decipher some of his comments, I still needed to decipher what he really meant when he spoke to me face to face. LOL...Duets and all, still very much a mystery! ;o)

Special mention to :-

Lyrical Lemongrass - Nice to have met up with you and having a laugh over that tale! You share my humour too! (or at least I think so? Don't you? *nervously giggles* hee hee...)
Fat Boy Bakes : Thanks for the wonderful Tiramisu and for the lovely compliment that I look much better in person! Well, I guess it's pretty unanimous that you be the organizer of the next floggers' meet to ensure that you will be present!

It good to now know the faces instead of just nicks that helm the great food blogs. Here's to more floggers' group activties!

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Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.
~ Rod McKuen, Looking for a Friend


Kok said...

You can't run away next time when I ask you to become my food guide. You are just too good to find delicious food! Now it's not my saliva dripping on my laptop. It seems like my saliva can cause the whole Perth to flood! haha!

fatboybakes said...

i've been leaving comments everywhere i cant remember where i've left them. i mentioned (somewhere) that ideally, the next gathering should be a pot luck, since everyone is so culinarily inclined. only problem is, venue. anyone got a condo pool side or something we can use?

babe_kl said...

great pics and descriptions of the floggers. kakaka put FBB up the table. my place hv a pool side but it's kinda God dang far for all of you :p otherwise we can do a picnic at one of those public park

Precious Pea said...

You guys really had great fun! And da food...all so hot and spicy...i like i like!

Tummythoz said...

What a great round-up for the '36 hours in KL' (rasa malaysia, pinjam kejap ya). Phew. Now I'll just need to disinfect & wash those saliva & tears of disappointment for missing out buckets.

wmw said...

kok : I didn't find this place. It was Audrey's effort :o)

fbb : My condo has a pool side, never got round to using the hall nearby. No need pool side, got a front yard enough. Anyway, I definitely do no fall into the culinary inclined group! :P

babe_kl : Picnic at public park? Haven't done one in ages....don't mind though.

Precious Pea : Yeah, hot and spicy - good stuff. I ate there before quite a while back but didn't taste such food till now. Will definitely go there again for makan.

Tummythoz : There, there, don't be sad anymore. But you know what? It only makes your next meet up with the floggers all the more exciting!

Jackson said...

Ta da.....this is what i called real picture review and u alwiz took the best shot! Sifu...( kou tou) I still miss the Pie Tee!!

lyn said...

Aiyo...very de cham liao....visit your blog means have to go get sonething to hard trying to lose all those pounds put on since deepavali last year....eating until now and still got chap goh meh....can't fit into my clothes liao! Maybe should try maternity wear hor!!!?????

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Great pics, girl! A potluck sounds good!
Yes, I do share your sense of humour..mine gets more revolting with every glass of margarita I consume. haha.

wmw said...

Jackson : Aiks, told you not to call me sifu leh....Miss the Pie Tee? Klang got or not?

lyn : No wonder no more meal times with you! You? Try maternity wear? I think you meant me! Ha ha ha...

lyrical lemongrass : Oh really??? Let's go get some margaritas then! LOL...Gimme a call when you feel like having one...or two...or three... :o)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

wmw: you may receive a call sooner than you think! In addition to margaritas, german beers also make me happy! *grin*

Kok said...

since you have tried it, then you have to bring me here if I have the chance to go to your place. haha!

Melting Wok said...

wmw, so so decriptive wowwww..I'm glad you guys had a great time :) I've been drooling all over lately with all of you and others foodies makan meet up !! I really can't contain no more, I'm coming home this summer arghhhh.. might need you for a tour guide then, since its been 10 years, what say you ? *jumpn up & down like lil' school gal*

ka..t said...

Wah...I thought normal blogger get-togethers are fun, but when floggers get together, even better - good company, great food!!

I've read a few other reviews of the same meet, but your food pixes do the best justice to the food! Must get photography tips from you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing spread with amazing write. I like the idea of Chinese Tapas. It's been a long time since I had pie tee. Sigh!!


UnkaLeong said...

*yawn* Right on the money. I was supposed to be on Vacation..Hahah...Now that I am back at work in Bangkok, time to catch up on my sleep :) ROFL...

Will need to rope in mom's help for the Pot Luck. Hahaha!

Rasa Malaysia said...

I thought I already left you a comment?! Anyway, I think the best dish of the night was FFB's Tiramisu. I had two helpings also.

wmw said...

lyrical lemongrass : Ha ha ha...sure thing! Anytime!

kok : Can, no worries.

melting wok : This summer, I've a trip planned to SFO! If I'm around, sure can take you around. If not, I'm am VERY SURE that some other floggers will gladly be your food guide. ;P

kat : Thanks for the compliment!

Judy : The pie tee here is really nice! Come back to Malaysia for a bite? Hee hee...

unkaleong : Still sleepy ah? Yalah, I will need my mom's help too if the pot luck happens!

RM : Guess your comment went missing...Yalah, the best part is always the dessert!!!

boo_licious said...

Great pixs! I thought next gathering is at Book Valley, courtesy of Jackson? Potluck sounds good and for those who are not domestically inclined can always ta pau food from yr fav stall or restaurant.

fatboybakes said...

book valley???!!!! aiyo, does air asia fly there? will we get jet lag?

fatboybakes said...

oh, btw, thanks Rasa Malaysia for such glowing comments on the dessert. coming from food connoiseurs like you, i am well and truly honored.

wmw said...

Boo : Thanks for the compliment. Jackson is keeping mum, guessed he will be feeling pressured if the whole gang of us shows up at his place. LOL...

fbb : You were the only one from the group who has been there...Or was that someone else??? Yalah, your Tiramisu, that you so "simply" made was divine. Wonder how it would be if you did a proper one????

babe_kl said...

kat, you should have seen how wmw takes her pics hahaha!!! i just dont hv the patience plus my eyes also very busy and also must watch the staring eyes of hubs

team BSG said...

great culinary and adventre plus intriguingly mysterious post !

How did u and her slip away still confound us even now as v ponder...
v thought our high speed and volumes of Carlsberg shud be enough but guess u r 2 good !

....hes still in cloud 9 u know...

wmw said...

babe_kl : Yeah, I try to get as many shots if time permits! Can't let so many people wait that long. Hee hee...

team bsg : Nolah, your Carlsberg distracted you guys. Ha ha ha...Wah! Still there? I wonder how long it takes for him to get his feet back on the ground.

Audrey Cooks said...

In fact, Jackson is right, I do think u captured the best photos that night and as for the pot luck gathering should be a great idea but hopefully not at a tooo far end of the world. Food might not look like food by the time it reaches its destination.

wmw said...

Audrey : Thanks for the compliment. Waiting to hear from FBB re. the next gathering.