Monday, April 24, 2006

Engrish Please!

Another post on Japanese Engrish, starting off with a pic from CC. Japan is a very clean country, so I was very surprised to see this sign on a waste bin in Tokyo Disneyland where we are literally told to "Waste Please". Well, at least it's on a rubbish bin, so when the people in Japan do waste, they waste it in the right places, maintaining the cleanliness of their country. Where as in Malaysia, we "waste" it in all the wrong places! It's really a shame. Just the sight of seeing someone tossing out rubbish from their cars and onto the road makes me wonder what sort of mentality these "offenders" possess, cow sense probably!

Source : The Star Online, April 20
CLOGGED WITH RUBBISH: This area leading to the Sungai Long quarry is strewn with rubbish. Public apathy is the order of the day as no one cares whether the environment is polluted.

The next one is from Mrs Pitt. Taken off the glass display of a restaurant in Japan. We think the sign was suppose to read "Cold noodles ... with white yam and raw egg yolk". It looks like there aren't many Japanese who are capable of doing a decent English translation. You know what they say though, when you are in a foreign land, it's best to be adventurous when it comes to the local food (then we won't have to do any guessing work!).

Drawing on my fine command of the English language, I said nothing.
- Robert Benchley

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