Saturday, April 29, 2006

Japan - Part 6

Yes, I'm still not done with Japan yet. There is really quite a lot to write about and yes, in case you all are wondering, I'm still in love with Japan! I would have taken this photo myself except that one wouldn't normally be carrying a camera into such a place, a phone maybe (but since only 3G phones work in Japan, I didn't bring mine there). Anyway, when I saw this, I was laughing myself silly and did wish that I had a camera with me at that time. Luckily, Alicia had her 3G phone with her and snapped a shot of it. So, a shout out of thanks to Alicia for this photo.
In Japan, all the toilets that I've come across, have a bidet (A sanitary fitting for washing the nether parts of the body. Water is supplied from an overim mixer or an upward spray. The discharge is waste water not soil water). They also have heated toilet seats and that brings such a warm feeling (ha ha ha) when one is seating down on it during cold weather. These two functions were very welcoming and I even thought of changing the one in my home to one with a bidet (can do without the heated toilet seat cover, it's warm enough in Malaysia). However, the one that made me laughed like a mad woman was this particular toilet that I went into (if I recall correctly, it was located at Keihan Hotel, Universal Walk).

Not only did it have the usual bidet function but there were two additional functions that I saw for the first time! First it was the "Flushing Sound" button (with controllable volume buttons too!). Second, it was "Powerful Deodorizer" function! One can only imagine how this Flushing Sound button (with a big "Music" note by the way!) will come in handy. You have a function to mask the sound of one who is having a bad case of diarrhea or a severe case of just plain flatulence!!!!! Next, you have another function to mask the smell!!!!
S o, it looks like the Japanese are a very considerate and shy lot. After my laughter subsided, I did think to myself, hey, we could really use this back home, after recalling my nasty experiences (being the unfortunate one, putting up with the sound and smell of others) in public toilets in Malaysia!

The other thing that I was amazed at was this high tech mini-bar in Keio Hotel. Here, the drinks "live" in their own little compartment. I remember what we use to do with the normal mini-bar when we traveled domestically. We use to take the hotel's can drinks out of the fridge and put in our own, only to put the hotel's drinks back when we check out. However, with this fridge, no such thing. The moment you pull the can out of its compartment, you would activate a mechanism that would send a data to the front desk that you have consumed the drink. Nope, putting back the can in will not deactivate or revert the charges. So, those traveling with little kids to Japan, take note! I can imagine, "Wah, so many different drinks here. Let's see, wah, so nice! (puts it back...) Oh, what's this one? Oh....mmm, now what about this one? Wah! This can is nice too" At the end of your stay, you will also "Wah!" and faint at the sight of the mini-bar bill given to you!

Another Japanese creation, Venus Fort is a lovely shopping mall in Odaiba, across from the Toyota City Showcase. It reminded me of the hotels in Las Vegas. It has the loveliest ceiling and surroundings. I did feel like I was outdoors as I was walking around this mall (minus the natural sunshine). It was romantic and I guess that's why they called the place Venus Fort. The "sky" looks quite real and it felt peaceful too walking on the "streets" of Venus Fort. So, it seems the Japanese are not only polite (maybe in their own country though, they are not known for their politeness in our country!), shy, considerate, intelligent, high tech but are also capable of creating lovely masterpiece such as this for all to make this world a better place (a lot less smellier one for sure! Ha Ha Ha...).

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Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity. - Charles Mingus

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JC said...

Wah, that Venus fort is nice...minibar too. Public toilets at Asakusa temple had normal squatting bowls but had a bell-like metal button on the wall within hand's reach to produce the flushing sound. I heard that the Japanese (esp.ladies) flush 2-3times when they pee to cover up the peeing sound! A waste of water & electricity...