Sunday, April 23, 2006

Japan, Kabuki-Cho - Part 5

CC passed me her photos of the Japan trip. And now finally I shall tell you about our walkabout in the red light district area. As usual, the flesh trade as we know is quite normal, with the usual escorts/prostitution, catering for the "depraved" male. So, nothing interesting about that. However, we were told that the red light area also had the flesh trade catered for women! Our curiosity got the better of us and we set out into the night on foot, making our way to Kabuki-Cho, the infamous place. Click on the map to see the location and you'll see that our hotel wasn't that far away.

I must say that I have never felt so safe walking in a red light area (not to mention, on foreign soil) and we were truly amazed at the bright neon lights that lit the city along the way. Almost similar to Times Square, New York, Kabuki-Cho was thriving with activities. Imagining tiny and dingy lanes where sleazy people existed, we were shocked to see that it wasn't like that at all. Bright, big walk areas and tie-wearing "solicitors" greeted us.

This is the main road, all the action is at the side lane on the left!
Then we saw them, billboards after billboards, clubs and clubs of men providing services for women. We could not read Japanese but we saw code and telephone numbers for the men. At one point we saw a couple of the men in the flesh, standing on the sidewalk and they were featured on the club's front display. They looked quite good. However, as per my observation, a lot of them looked like they were from characters of Final Fantasy. We were fortunate enough that no one stopped CC from taking pictures of the billboards and displays as we saw someone being stopped. As a matter of fact, we were even solicited! Ha Ha Ha .... So, thanks CC, for letting me put up the pics.
Then, we came across some displays that have women "butches" too for women! We were trying to figure out whether they were feminine men but as it turns out, they were manly woman! LOL ..... These were considered the nicer looking ones, there were some with facial hair, just plain weird! We're still debating over the sexes, the one at the top left corner looks like a man though.
Then we totally gave up trying to figure out which was a guy and which was a girl as we saw more of the billboards! None caught my eye, not unless he looked like Yutaka or Daniel Henney! What I do know is that Japanese male escorts are sure a feminine looking bunch!
Well, it's good to know that the needs of women in Japan are being met too and that they do not stereotype it, limiting it for the men. Hmmmph...Maybe that's why the Japanese women are so chirpy! LOL ...

Sex... the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable - Lord Chesterfield


JC said...

Should've tried one that looks like Yutaka :P

wmw said...

You saw one that looks like Yutaka from the pics? Where? Hello? If there was one, you think I wouldn't ah?