Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wanton Me Meets Wanton Me

I had lunch at Ikea earlier and enjoyed my shot of caffeine for the day (3 cups!) after a talk that nearly sent me to Dreamland towards the end of it! Ha ha ha ... Went to Popular Book Store and bought myself a Japanese craft book! Gees, this Japanese attraction is still going on strong! Well, even if I don't have the time to start on the projects, it's still nice to be able to just look at the book. I think I'm going crazy! (not that I've been sane all this while), so then I should say, I think I have gone crazier!

I then
rushed from PJ to Bangsar, afraid of being late as it was raining quite heavily. Went for my tea invitation today. Met up with Gardner himself (friendly fella) and was directed to my seat by Kimmy whom I think is the event manager. Gardner came on shortly and gave a short intro about Selena and Hossan, the cast of Wanton Me.
Selena & Hossan gamely posing for me while they were waiting for Gardner to do the intro,
seated behind the tea spread (those aren't props, okay?).

Selena then came on and introduced herself. She told us that she just got married and that a girlfriend of hers was so happy and made a remark "Selena, if someone like you can get married, that gives hope to the normal ones like us!" Hee hee hee. She then sang a song accompanied by Hossan on the piano. After that they sang a duet. Selena then asked whether there were any questions from the press but the floor was silent! She then told us that we could ask her personally later. Gardner then invited us to start on the tea spread and sure enough, Selena and Hossan were swarmed by photographers and were kept busy answering questions from the media! Looks like our Malaysian media folks are a shy bunch.
Look at how close the camera is to their faces! Believe it or not, this is considered
one of their more serious pose. The rest were even more hilarious.

I then asked Gardner for permission to post the pics on my blog and approached Kimmy to get a press kit for more info. Kimmy gave me a set with no hassle at all. Nice folks. The pics without my blog address are from the press kit courtesy of Gardner & Wife. No, that's not me in the photo below, though I must say that Selena and I have our Wanton similarity! Well, I have bought tickets for Wanton Me on May 19 and judging by today's showcase (albeit a very short one), it'll be a jolly good show.

What is this, an audience or an oil painting? - Milton Berle

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