Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Japan - Part 2

My lunch - I gave my salmon away since I don't eat fish!
Being in Japan was good for my soul. I needed the time to sort out my thoughts. With Jen passing on, it was the time for me to reflect on what's been happening in my life. This trip gave me that time away to do so. I felt it was an escape of some sort for me, and on coming back, took a look at my house and said "Oh Boy! Do I have to do something about this!". Ha ha's only getting down to doing it that is the problem. Seriously though, I want to make my life more meaningful. I want to love while I'm still able to love, to laugh while I still can laugh. To live while I still have a life.

Of course, this meant that I really enjoyed the trip to Universal Studio (USJ - we have USJ here too!) and Tokyo Disneyland, the land of Happy People! I told myself that I would probably end up working in places like these if I had the chance. Get paid for smiling, dancing and singing???? Sure thing, why not? Of course, I don't think I'll be smiling, dancing and singing if I were to be sweeping the floor in Disneyland though (not even if I were on roller blades like the ones in Tokyo Disneyland). I don't mind being in the parade line, I'll be dressed in a bumble bee or ladybug or piggie costume, you know, something rounded like that. Ha ha....

These are nice, but I don't think I would look good in them.

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once. ~ Lillian Dickson

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holymookie said...

so true. all it takes is a vacation to give you time to attune your senses, to reflect and to contemplate. life ain't that bad eh? there is much to be thankful for.....

welcome home :)