Saturday, April 01, 2006

Packing & Unpacking

I need to start packing my clothes for my trip to Japan. Before that, I need to clear up some clutter in my house before I can start my house mini makeover. It's usually around this time that I find myself extremely busy, running last minute errands and doing things that I've been procrastinating for awhile. Just that being out of the country for a certain period pushes one to tie up unfinish business. As much as I look forward to the trip, I actually dread packing for my trip and the same goes for unpacking!

One of my unpacking sessions. Take note of the Advil on the bottom right corner. It's my wonder drug. I never travel without it!

It takes a lot of effort on my part, LOL! Usually packing to a destination is a Level 2 difficulty and unpacking when I reach home is the same. A Level 3 would be packing from the destination after buying all those souvenirs, food stuff and clothing. You will then realise that you need another bag to pack all of your stuff now. It can turn into a Level 4 if I try to be smart and attempt to pack all my newly acquired stuff together into the one bag I came in, only to discover that I have no room for my clothes! Then, I will have to empty it and start packing all over again! Of course, it always end with me sitting on top of my luggage bag while I get my sis/mom/friend to assist in locking my bag! Ha ha .... But chances are I usually end up coming back with an extra bag!

I have a feeling that I would not be able to resist all those cute and high tech stuff from Japan and will probably encounter a Level 4 when it's time for me to come back!

Happy April Fools Day to everyone, by the way.

Holidays are fun, enjoying ourselves in a foreign land
But wait till you get home, and find a woman in bed with your man!
With dishes piling up in the sink, you come back to a house that stinks
No wonder we remain single rather than to wear that ring!
- wmw -

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JC said...

Hey nice quote! Not applicable to your married frens tho :)Bring back good osake, shochu and rice crackers! And Yutaka!