Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rondo 2006

I met up with KCC downtown and we had our usual indulgence of the crispy cheong (intestines! the only "weird" stuff I will eat 'cos it's crispy) curry noodles at Jalan Tong Shin. She then handed me a present, Rondo 2006, a series collaboration between Japan and Korea. She knows that I'm crazy about Yutaka and had bought it for me. Hee hee...God Bless Her! I then visited mom and ended up watching about an hour of the first disc (3 in total). Yutaka has certainly grown older. Apparently he didn't want people to think he's famous because of his looks and therefore change his style. He looked tired too but I was wondering whether he looks this way, simply because he's an undercover cop. He's a gang member, headed by the very same man who killed his father when he was a young boy. So, the way he looks is realistically enough for someone who is constantly on his toes, not knowing whether he'll live or die at any moment! (they have had 5 moles in the past, all discovered and killed!). Yutaka's love interest is Choi Ji Woo, best known for her role in Winter Sonata. The first hour is engaging enough and makes me wanna have a "marathon" fest but I have to wake up early for a talk. So, my dear Yutaka will have to wait for now.

Not being able to find a decent size picture of the poster in the internet, I decided to test out Brother's (again, the brand, not my bro!) scanning capabilities. I must say, the colour turn out rather nice and clear. I tried to find out what Rondo means and came up with this in Google:
a musical composition during which the first part or subject is repeated several times. I wonder if this is the correct meaning or are there others.
So it seems, my love affair with the Japanese and Korean continues, kept alive by shows on TV, trip to Japan and now, my very own Rondo. Well, I'm still in love with Yutaka, relegating him to be my older man while Daniel takes my toy boy spot! LOL! Best of both worlds of course. I still miss Japan, I really do.

Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will. ~ Author Unknown


JC said...

The meaning of Rondo u gave is correct but not comprehensive. It's a type of dance. Apparently this show's rating was not good in Japan, threatening Choi Ji Woo's penetration into Japan's market after the very successful Winter Sonata. Yutaka has chosen a path different from Kimura Takuya i.e. he doesn't want ppl to judge him as an actor based on his looks. Catch him every Saturday 6pm on 8tv!

wmw said...

Apparently, the ratings shot sky high only on the final episode! Maybe it was a marketing problem!