Friday, April 21, 2006

Love Stone

Did anyone catch Drew Carey Show today? It was so funny, he was worried that his girlfriend would not want to marry him should she see the "real" him. He apparently has been very careful as not to show the real side of him to her. So, to test whether she'll accept him, he first told her that he wanted to eat watching TV instead at the dining table. She was okay with that. Then he purposely scattered Playboy magazines at the coffee table and she said that she wouldn't stop him from reading them. At this point, he was amazed that she was such a wonderful woman. Then while eating, he farted! And she laughed. At this point, he was truly amazed and proposed to her. But she said no..... He later brought her to the movies and before the movie started, Drew appeared on screen. He and his friends had pre-recorded a song about her and when it ended, Drew (in person) went down on one knee and proposed. She said yes but when they left the cinema, she said no. The reason was that she felt that Drew had done it because of the deadline he set and not because he felt that she was truly the one. Well, to show her that his love for her was real, he cancelled his reservations (he had set himself a date to get married and had made all the arrangements!) and lost his downpayment. After he told her what he did, the girlfriend then decided to marry him!

I have heard some friends who mentioned that they would like to get married by when and when. Some have succeeded while some had "moving" targets and the targets are still moving! As for me, I'm not looking. I believe when love comes, it will just creep up on me. Ha ha ha ... Either that or remain single, enjoying each and every meaningful day of my life. I cannot fathom how one can just settle down for the sake of settling down. I mean, marrying someone that you don't really love and hope that things will turn out for the best? How can you even start a marriage, deceiving your other half from the very beginning and hope for the marriage to work out? Once you start lying, you have to tell one lie after another to cover the previous lie. You either lie till the truth gets the better of you or give in to your conscience at one point in time and own up to the truth.

If only finding love is as easy at this! The message near the end got a little lost on me though. There are two stones like this, each situated at opposite ends. This was taken at the Kiyomizu Temple too.

I believe in true love (maybe it doesn't exist, hence, I remain single till today), a love so great that when you look into your other half's eyes, you can just get teary eye. The only thing is, meeting someone who not only does that to you but one who loves you the same in return. My criteria? Good sense of humour and able to sing well (so, that we can duet in karaoke! LOL) That, eventually, that person's love for you will never fade and that you'll grow old together. Because when I love, I love with all my heart, not because the clock is ticking. Not because it seemed like a good idea but just because. Sure, there will be ups and downs but being together means working things out together in a place I can call Home. But of course, in reality, such love is truly hard to find. Yes, a love that is unconditional, accepting you not only for all the good but also the bad habits, farts and all! Ha ha ha ...

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable. ~ Bruce Lee


chih said...

amas veritas...that has replaced carpe diem as my motto in life...since a big goofy smile period =)

mrs.pitt said...

teary eye????? i don't know if it is true love but quite likely it is forbidden love!!!!! hee1 hee! hee!

JC said...

Hey I went there too! Did u try it out? I think the last sentence means if u need ppl to "direct" u to walk straight to the other end to get to the stone.Recently Gigi Leung went there after broken off with Ekin Cheng.

wmw said...

Chih - You believe in true love too or that it's only possible if a spell is cast????

Mrs Pitt - Forbidden? Nah ... Rememember the story you told me of Zahara when she was teary-eyed and Mr Pitt asked her why? Her reply was "Because I love you".

Jo - I see, just like in a real love situation, sometimes we seek advice along the way when we feel "lost". Nothing like some good advice to get you back on track. On the other hand, bad advice will throw you off the track!