Thursday, April 27, 2006

No One's Watching!

I just got back home from having an amusing time from people watching. I was at Holiday Villa and was at La Vida (I think that's the name of the place) with CC, her hubby and Lyn. If one was ever too shy to dance, they should try this place. I had the time of my life, just sitting down and watching the crowd dance. The people here just love to dance. They danced to the live band (which was Alleycats) and to the music played by the deejay, of course. They even danced when Alleycats sang "Happy Birthday" to some of the patrons celebrating there. Here, one or two or three or four would just walk to the dance floor and start strutting their stuff while the band sings. They simply don't care about what other people think and they dance like no one's watching. I see a lot of happy faces, from the young to the old, I think you're talking about people in their early 60s! And that puts a smile on my face. How great it is to be enjoying one self this way with no inhibitions. How would you live your life if no one's watching?

I'm gonna make this short and sweet as I'm going to sleep soon. Here's a pic from CC, another one taken in Japan. It's a little Japanese girl who just had her face painted in Tokyo Disneyland. She is such a cutie! And another reason to remember Japan by! Good night and God Bless Everyone!

A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice - especially when she's taking a nap. ~ Author Unknown


mrs. pitt said...

La Vida???sounds like a place i can have fun since old folks seem to be welcome!!!! did you guys dance? hmmm.. i will bring home my boogie shoes :)

wmw said...

Oh, I think we'll have great time there, you and I will be thoroughly entertained , even if you don't dance!

mrs.pitt said...

will dance .. will definitely dance ... if there are many old folks like myself, i will not hesitate