Monday, April 17, 2006

PC Fair

Went to the PC fair today. Bro took his car to service and I ended up having to drive. We arrived at KL Convention Centre at 11am, just when the fair opened. We thought we wanted to go there early to beat the crowd. As it turned out, there were already throngs of people and we were like part of a cattle drive, being slowed ushered into our tiny barn! Well, I had some good deals I think. This is a list of my new stuff : -

1) Webcam - Logitech RM75
2) FM Modulator - RM68
3) SD card 1G - RM125 (Bought through SK)
4) 2G Flash Drive - RM175 (Free two sticky pads)
5) 6 in 1 Printer - Brother RM499 (Free RM50 Petrol Voucher, metal cd case, shoe bag, trolley and 1 additional black cartridge)
6) Headphones for my Nano - Philips RM59 (free umbrella)
Isn't my printer a beauty?
Bro's list
1) Compact Flash card 1G - Kingston RM103
2) FM Modulator - RM68
3) Laptop speakers - Philips RM199
4) 2G Flash Drive - RM180
5) 19" LCD Monitor - BenQ (2ms response time!!!!) RM1250

Brother's (the brand, not my bro!) booth had a great marketing idea, when you buy their printer, the printer's already strapped to a trolley which they give out for free. Sure beats lugging the large box around but maneuvering the trolley through the exhibit halls was quite tricky. The trolley helped bro too as he also added on the LCD monitor box too. Great idea, talk about meeting customers' needs. Bro and I went home happy, and couldn't wait to admire our stuff. The admiration will continue later, I'm off to bed!

In department stores, so much kitchen equipment is bought indiscriminately by people who just come in for men's underwear. - Julia Child


mrs. pitt said...

What happened to minimizing project .. looked like you had acquired more stuff!!

wmw said...

Aiyah, SD card and flash drive so tiny. Then the new printer replace the new one mah. So out with the old lo.