Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seoul, Korea - Part 4

We then headed to Gyeongbok Palace which was built at the beginning of the Chosun Dynasty. Gyeongbok means Shining Happiness. This place was destroyed during the Japanese invasion in 1592 and was only rebuilt in 1865.
We then went to Itaewon for some street shopping where stall after stall line the pavement on one side and retail stores on the other. From clothes, souvenirs, watches, food etc. etc., the shoppers were spoilt for choice.
Food! Food! Food!
Cuttlefish anyone?
A really simple drink stall!
When they say handbags, they really do mean HANDbags!
Korea's own unique masks
After unloading a fair bit of the contents from our purse, we headed for our much anticipated dinner. Ginseng Chicken! Lovely meal indeed, chicken stuffed with rice in ginseng soup. Yum!
Before we headed back to the hotel to turn in for the night, I manage to take some shots of the famous Seoul Station.

To be continued...


toniXe said...

certainly looks like you had such a good time here in Korea !

I wonder do we have that ginseng chicken rice dish here in KL?

I remember there is no such menu in the Korean rest. in Bangsar that I used to frequent.

wmw said...

Oh, we do have that here in KL in the Korean restaurants, not all though. But I do know the DJGam in Sec 14 has it and so does the one in Amcorp Mall!

DeeJay said...

Hey, this is realy colorful blog. So much food around here. ;)
Greetings from Macedonia!

toniXe said...

10Q 4 info !

jo said...

got try silk worm cocoons in `muddy` soup or not?

Korean Princess said...

Your picture of Seoul Station taken at nite is very nice. A scene frm 'Stairway to Heaven' was shot here.

wmw said...

Deejay - Welcome! Do drop by again and feel free to comment.

tonixe - You're most welcome.

Jo - WHAT????

K. Princess - Thanks for the compliment.

jo said...

eh? I thought you'd have known since you've been there more than once. They're everywhere! I asked my tour guide why Koreans eat them, he said they're nice and nutritious...yeeekkk...

wmw said...