Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I had the opportunity to celebrate Halloween in the States a couple of years back and had the most fun ever. Mrs Pitt and friends brought me to the "famous" Castro Street in San Francisco where they had the Halloween Street Party. There were signs plastered everywhere that no weapons were allowed and there were policemen at every corner. I must admit I was rather thrilled, a bit scared initially but amazed with the crowd and my surroundings. After soaking up the fun, I was more relaxed. Surely, you can understand why I felt a bit nervous in the beginning, right?
Not sure where I was, but I felt burning hot! Ha ha ha...."Girls" Just Wanna Have Fun!
Guardian Angels or Devils In Disguise?

There were cute and funny costumes too. There was this particular group of "medic" wheeling this "lady" laying on a hospital bed who was screaming and seem to be in pain. When I got closer to them, this was what I saw.
The "lady" had given birth! It's a girl! LOL.....
Animal Farm?
The REAL cowboys from Brokeback Mountain

Well, there are some pictures that I can't post as I don't want my post/blog to be flagged by some conservative folks. Let's just say, there were also some guys that wore a costume that was a replica of a certain part of a male anatomy. They were literally a giant walking ....! Talk about being a ....head, LOL! Oh well, for my last pic, I was really partly amused and scared at the same time. This guy must have been about 7 feet tall! I know I'm short but I'm not THAT short! I was really wondering whether he was going to let go of my neck after the picture was taken. Ha ha ha...But since I'm blogging right now, I did live to see another day.
The crowd made up of people from "all" walks of life were well behaved and it was fun outing. Well, to me it was, I didn't see or hear anything unpleasant but it seems to have some ugly incidents every year. Apparently, some people in SFO are trying to put a stop to the annual Halloween Street Party this year for all sort of weird reasons apart from security related ones.

Let's hope Halloween celebration catches on over here on a grander scale. But knowing the crime rate in Malaysia, we might have more crime that night as criminals would take the opportunity to strike since it's would be okay to walk around in a Halloween costume and not be able to be identified! Oh well, que sera sera, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

I bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween. ~ Author Unknown


mrs. pitt said...

as i am writing now, the party in Castro is just beginning!! yeah, that was indeed a lot of fun. Sorry lah! Halloween will never catch on in Malaysia ... it is dangerous already without the costumes and masks!!! my dear, you will just have to celebrate Halloween in US!

holymookie said...

hey girl! those brought back fond memories, we had a blast...you should plan to come back again :)

happy happy birthday!!! may this year be full of sweetness! i am sure your celebration will continue on for the next few weeks...enjoy!

mrs. pitt said...

there was a shooting (9 injured or something like that). Cops started to clear the area half hour before they closed dowd the party at 11:00 pm. Only one stage for live music instead of 3 in previous years. The debate is on if they should continue to host Castro Halloween parties since there is often violence.

wmw said...

Mrs Pitt - It's sad to know that we are our own enemy....It should be a truly fun occasion but ended this way....

Holymookie - Yes, lots of fine memories. Thanks for the wishes.