Thursday, July 13, 2006

183 Club & Daniel Henney

Anyway, KPrincess has introduced me to Taiwanese series now of which I was never really fond of in the beginning. However, The Prince Who Turns Into Frog turned out to be quite a funny and nice show. After that ended, I'm now watching The Magicians Of Love on 8TV but PTIF was a better show. Both of this series star members of The 183 Club (183 cm being the average height of the five members). Unlike F4 (I could never stand them!), these members from 183 Club can act. So, I find it quite surprising that I'm become a fan of the show and the band! Heck, I am even brushing up on my understanding of Mandarin (of course, the Bahasa Malaysia subtitles help!) thanks to this show. KPrincess has also given me copies of the soundtrack, and now I find myself singing along to the Mandarin tunes, not really knowing what's coming out from me, sounds like I'm speaking in tongues! Hahaha....My fave members are Sam (seated left), Ehlo (above Sam) and Ming Dao (next to Ehlo).
Oh, it's been awhile since I last posted something on my Daniel. Having finished the "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon" series on TV, I now have in my possession the vcds of the whole series where I can watch, rewind, play, freeze every single frame of Daniel's appearance on screen. Hee Hee... Thanks to SBK! Mrs Pitt will probably make me show her Daniel's scenes too! Only his ... who cares about the story, she'll say! She's probably very busy now, packing. Here's a shot of Daniel for some stress relief! You can now have a second Daniel Henney wallpaper! (image from
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Korean Princess said...

So, you should thank me for giving you the motivation to learn Mandarin right? I know U dun like F4, but dun U think Max from (DBSK) looks like Jerry?

wmw said...

Yah, Max does look a bit like Jerry. Saw some old clips of the DBSK members, they definitely look better as they get older.

mrs.pitt said...

packing? i probably won't start until sat morning since my flight is at sat midnight .... i have DH pics on my desktop. I have quite a few and I click on it for instant stress relief

Korean Princess said...

Look better as they get older?? They are only 20 this year...HA HA