Sunday, July 09, 2006


A friend sent this to me and on trailing it, I found "The Japanese Are Crazy" (TJAC) website. I've posted a video of this prank they played on people. At a ski resort, they set up this massage center complete with a coin operated massage chair. Check out what happened (especially the 2nd part of the prank! Got me laughing my head off!). Tip: After you click on the big play button, the video will start to load. Click the pause button, let the video load till the end (you will see the bar moving as it loads). Then click play, you will then be able to watch the video without flow interruptions.

Thank goodness I never fell victim to such pranks when I was in Japan. Now that I know what can happen there, I will brace myself for such things and that may mean taking showers fully clothed! LOL ...Anyway, check out the load of videos from TJAC website. Lots of interesting stuff. Saw one from the "Do Not Laugh" series. In this show, contestants are subjected to hilarious situations and must refrain from laughing. If they do, their behind gets belted (really hard). Looks painful to me! Crazy alright! There's also this amazing Japanese (though he's mixed) magician, Cyril Takayama. He does these really great feats of illusion and street magic, some sort of David Blaine. He seems better, maybe because he's mixed with Asian blood hence more exotic! There's also this purportedly straight guy, "Razor Ramon" who's now a famed celebrity for playing a gay guy who is really extremely gay in your face type. You will cringe with fear and yet laugh at his antics at the same time. Ha ha ha....I have not gone through the whole archive myself. Please take note, I'm not responsible for anything that will be hazardous to your health or things that one might find offensive. Please view at your own discretion.

If we don't go crazy once in a while, we'll all go crazy. ~ (M.*A*S*H) Hawkeye, "Bulletin Board," original airdate 14 January 1975, written by Larry Gelbart, directed by Alan Alda


Korean Princess said...

The clip is so funny esp the 2nd part....

wmw said...

Yup, it was so funny especially the last guy!