Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dong Bang Shin Ki Malaysia Concert

Guess where I was on Friday night? Yup, I ended up at the Dong Bang Shin Ki's (TVfXQ) concert in Bukit Jalil. Yup, that's me behind the poster. Only decided to get the tickets on Thursday and collected them on that Friday noon itself. Since I was still unable to drive in the evening, KPrincess drove to Putra Indoor Stadium. We were there early and went round checking out the stalls outside the stadium area. We came across a promotion stall by the Tourism Board of Korea that were giving out Korea Travel Guides, Tourist Maps and other info. How apt we thought, as we took some copies for ourselves since we were going off to Korea sometime in September on our company incentive trip.

I also manage to get my hands on a DBSK's big glossy poster. The poster actually looks very nice. They were giving out this poster for every DBSK's cd purchase. Just 10 minutes before the scheduled opening time of 8pm, we walked in and found the stadium only half filled. The big stage hyped up our anticipation of a great concert ahead. I actually took this shot in 3 separate pics and edited it to this panoramic shot.
Well, as we waited pass 8pm, the seats started to fill up. The concert started at about 8.35pm and it was about 90% percent filled. The place erupted with screams as the lights were dimmed, signaling the start of the concert. 5 boxes were slowly lowered onto the stage with dazzling display of lights and special graphic videos shown on the big 3 piece screen in the centre. Folks were also able to see a close up view from the 2 giant screens each on the top left and right of the stage. Both KPrincess and I were caught up in the euphoria with all the screaming fans around us and we watched in awe. When the boxes were lifted back up, all 5 members were on the stage.
We found the sound system a letdown. The music was too loud and it drowned out the vocals of the band. It was a good concert, dazzling lights, big video screens, special effects but marred by bad sound system. It was also good to see them dancing (they can danced!) and singing down the aisle. They even stood in the U-shaped area and were lifted up into the air, standing on a small circle stage each (couldn't take a photo as I ran out of batteries!) . They even added romance in the air as they sang and had wind blowing upwards towards their hands that were carrying red confetti. The red confetti danced in the air and was visibly seen in the stream of the spotlights on each of the members. Micky was the only one who spoke English when they took some time off from singing to speak to the audience. When DBSK took a break, Super Junior, consisting of 13 members came on and entertained us for about half hour! I have never come across that many members in a band. The 13 of them made full use of the big stage and they came out again in the finale of the concert.
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We left the stadium when the concert ended at about 11pm. I felt that not enough promo was done for this concert. It was a BIG scale concert but only had small scale promo. I left, having a better appreciation for Korean music though I don't understand the language as I enjoy the melody. I enjoyed DBSK's ballads more than the fast numbers , especially the acapella "Always There". I also now have an added appreciation for the 5 members of Dong Bang Shin Ki, especially Max (left) and Hero (right, because he's mysterious!).

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Asian men are starting to appeal to me, albeit they are younger ones. Age doesn't matter! - wmw


Korean Princess said...

You are absolutely right! Not enough promo for the concert..Read from the Chinese papers that the production costs for this concert was RM 4.5m!!!

blueygrey said...

hey this the group on the promo flyer you took at SG wang when we went out hari tu?? u know.. the ones you said a bit weird?? hehe. a fan already ka?

wmw said...

Wah, K.Princess, I wonder if the organiser broke even or not!

Blueygrey,address me as wmw here, haha, no names...Anyway, yah, this was the same group that appeared on the flyer. Quite nice the songs...especially the ballads.

mrs.pitt said...

aiyah1 poster? i thought you were getting rid of clutter? ;)

Korean Princess said...

I also wonder whether the organiser can break even or not..such high costs!

jo said...

Fans from all over Asia came for the concert. One of Super Junior's members is Chinese. He spoke Mandarin at the concert, rite?

wmw said...

Mrs Pitt, I've thrown away "old" clutter to make way for new ones! LOL...

Yah, Jo, forgot the name of that member but there was one who spoke Mandarin.