Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Sign From Dad

Well, this is NOT going to be another food entry. Actually, this is just a story about a signage I saw. I was driving around Damansara Perdana, checking out the eateries in that area and I came across this.
No, seriously, it's not that I'm gonna write about the seafood from this place. It's just that this restaurant carries my Dad's name. Coming across this days after his 8th year, I took it as a sign (literally??? Ha Ha Ha) that this is his way of telling me that he's well and is here in our midst. Of course, he can have his share of seafood anytime he wants too! Trust Dad to tell me that in a restaurant signage. Some things never change, Dad's love for food is one of them! LOL .... I do intend to come back to Restoran Cheng Yen and try out the food one day soon. Mrs Pitt, maybe we go there when you're here, eh?

"Sometimes we miss out on what God is trying to tell us as we overlook the simpler things in life, expecting it to be more complex than it seems"
- wmw

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mrs. pitt said...

of course, shall we go there on our second day?