Thursday, November 02, 2006

Uncle Chilli's Reborn!

PJ Hilton is going through a major facelift. According to this report, Uncle Chilli's has gone through a transformation too and is expected to be in operation early this month. However, when Czar and I dropped by PJ Hilton last week for an early dinner (thanks Czar for the treat!), the place was already opened and we decided to dine there and check out the place.

When we stepped in, we were greeted by some staff in cool black uniforms and ushered to our table promptly. Well, it was early and we were among the few patrons. The staff were free and they showed me around the place. It looks really swanky and cool, kinda reminded me of Chynna in KL Hilton when I saw two large red lanterns as part of the deco. However, the rest of the area was pretty different. All for the better and keeping up with KL Hilton's standard.

So, here's a peek into the all new Uncle Chilli's (for those who have yet to see it) which is having its official launch on Nov 8.

Private dining areas available

Some parts of the seating area (on the right is the non smoking section)

Taken earlier before more patrons arrived - the bar area which is also the dance floorSoft curtains and colour changing booths for the non-smoking area located at the back part

We ordered some nachos which were pretty ordinary but we enjoyed the bread they gave along with balsamic olive oil dip. As for drinks, we ordered "Walking Stick", a mocktail made of cranberry, strawberry, apples (I forgot the rest). The Mushroom Pizza was delicious and is recommended. On the other hand, I love anything that has mushrooms!
Loved the bread with the balsamic olive oil dip and the Walking Stick Mocktail! (The glass is made slanted, nothing wrong with your vision)
The Mushroom Pizza was great!

So overall, the all new Uncle Chilli's look great and it is a good place to chill. It's got the ambience for all - drinks, dinner, live music (Alleycats performing for the month of November) and dance where the DJ plays retro music. Mmm...a new hangout!

You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person. ~ Alec Waugh


mrs.pitt said...

Did someone say dance floor? Wow..never knew an Uncle Chilli's to look so hip! Aha! A cool place to hang out and dance indeed .. did anyone dance at all? Say hi to Czar! The bar area is nice but the booths with the soft curtains ..hmm..reminds me of scenes from HK gangster movie in which girly girls are performing right before the rival gang arrives and starts a bloodbath!! hee! hee! hee!

Anonymous said...

those days we used to go drink then c band in action, after Paya Serai. many friends also drunk there I remember !

now looks even more classy ( or is it your photos ah ? )

wmw said...

Mrs Pitt - Such imagination! Ha ha ha....Make sure we go dance next time you are in town!

tonixe - The place looks good (plus my photography too. ;o)

JasonY said...

I will be there on 18 Nov with my workmates. Someone mentioned a dance floor there, cool! It seems that's the place I have been looking forward to hangout ;)