Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ipoh Trip - Part 1

Back in early October, I made an overnight trip to Ipoh. A good friend's aunt (whom I knew personally) had passed away and I went there to pay my respect and to meet up with my friend too.

I had gone with Czar who had her own things to do in Ipoh. Being on a tight schedule, we left for Ipoh in the late morning and arrive there late afternoon. By that time, our stomachs were rumbling and we headed for the nearest place for some food. At that hour not many places were opened and we ended up near the stalls at the stadium area. One of the stalls that was still opened was this Taiping Mee Goreng (fried noodles) stall (which is similar to our local Char Kway Teow- fried flat noodles).
I don't know whether it was due to the fact that I was extremely hungry or the Taiping Kway Teow Goreng just tasted good on its own merit! Sorry, the pics didn't turn out well as I had accidently set it over exposed! So, the colour is off.
We also shared an order of roti bakar which was different from the ones I had in KL/PJ. The Ipoh version here uses a sweet bun (yellowish colour) rather than a plain one. The kaya wasn't too sweet so, the taste came out rather nice in combination with the sweet bun and the butter of course.
With our stomachs filled we then parted ways and I went to look for my good friend. We chatted and by dinner time, some of the relatives came back to the house carrying packets and packets of Ipoh Hor Fun with chicken and bean sprouts. Since the hosts were busy tending to guests, we were all going to eat in that night. A packet was a pretty small portion (which was fine by me as I had plan to go for supper!). The hor fun (another name for flat noodles) was still pretty good, though I'm sure it would have been better eating at the stall.
We later sat on further into the night to catch up on the latest news. You know, it's usually at such gatherings, that most relatives and friends would come together and chat away until way past the night. With the usual mineral water and groundnuts, it always provided the right setting for just such a meeting.

To be continued - The Food


backStreetGluttons said...

u r lucky to be there. Did u know there's one froggy in chicken ess steamed in front of Tun Fatimah Hospital ? tastes great.

Also nex time remember Menglembu !

boo_licious said...

Great food as always. Sad to hear abt yr good friend's recent loss. By the way, do you use a digital camera or a DSLR? Really good pixs.

wmw said...

tonixe - Lucky? Eh, partially because of funeral woh. ;o) Anyway, I don't eat frogs, will tell you why if I ever get a chance. Menglembu? What's in Menglembu (I only know Menglembu groundnuts! Hee Hee..)

boo_licious - Yeah, the food is good. I just use a normal digital camera, not a DSLR. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ3 (this model is not available in Malaysia), got it elsewhere. Thanks for the compliment. But honestly, I only learn to take pics of food from looking at your blog. So, you're the master! Thank you! Check out my photo blog (link on the side), have some pics not posted here (there are some repeats from here posted there too).

boo_licious said...

U're a good student as yr pixs are brilliant. I always have problems with night pixs, what kind of settings do you use?

wmw said...

boo : For night pixs (non-food shots), it would depend. If there is a rather good source of light around, I would use the party mode. If lesser, I would then use the night scenery mode. Most of the food shots I take are on food settings. All shots taken are without flash.