Saturday, November 11, 2006

Taman Connaught Pasar Malam - Part 1

I love going to Pasar Malam, usually the one at SS2 which opens every Monday. However, I got the opportunity to go to Taman Connaught's Pasar Malam (every Wednesday) which seems to be the biggest and the longest in Malaysia.

I took photos of stalls not found in SS2 (though by the time I put up this post, some are available in SS2). Given the size of the pasar malam, obviously there were a lot of variety. You have the standard stalls selling clothes and shoes, nick knacks etc. etc. So what was varied were the food stalls! So, the food journey starts!

We reached there about 7 plus pm and the crowd was just coming in. I was told that the non-food stalls open till 2 am here! Wow! The night market turns to morning market!

Came across the Fried Bread Crab (now available in SS2) and there was a long queue. We decided to give it a try. Verdict:You either like it or dislike it. To me, the paste in the bread was more chilli like with a teeny weensy bit of crab meat!
Then, I had the most refreshing juice from this particular stall. They use the Jack Lalane's Power Juicer and the fruits are thrown into the juicer whole. Thumbs up!East Meets West
Pit Stop for pickle junkies!
Local cakes delight!
Wonderful Crepes!
Cute moulds!End product? Cute cartoon character cakes!

To be continued....


Rasa Malaysia said...

RM2.80 for the crab meat bun is expensive!

backStreetGluttons said...

I used 2 tell people some of the best tasting/original food r found in the pasar malams, like a 5 star hotel buffet spread with 1/8 star prices. But I m scared of going there, unless I have a big gang otherwise sure put on 10 kg 4 the night ! ( sommore with beer, how ah ?) de Connaught PM got sharkfin soup, RM3 one onot?

anyway glad u like pasarmalams ( but watch that delicious thing n that, n that n tha......), better walk quickly ah ....

wmw said...

Rasa Malaysia : Yes! Especially when there's almost no crab meat!

tonixe: Yes, a lot of good food, can't eat all. I didn't put on 10kg for that night, just 5! LOL! Can't recall about the sharkfin soup, but SS2 has. Mixed up between the two places!

Cherry Popcorn said...

Oooh.. tat's wat i love so much about Malaysia.. the food!!! I absolutely love pasar malam. I especially love the CHow Yang on thursday. Never tried the crab bun though.. maybe shall try it one day! =)

Nice blog you have here..!

wmw said...

Princess Shin : Welcome and thanks for the compliment! Yes, the pasar malam is about being a Malaysian! ;o)

Jasmin said...

Thank you for the great article. I have included some of your photos in my article which is about places we can go to, to buy and eat raw food. I have included your link inside my article.