Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New Formosa Taiwan Restaurant, SS2

Visited boo_licious's blog and saw her post about her dinner at New Formosa. I told her that I was about to blog about my dinner there too. We didn't order any dishes though and opted for the Stonefire Hot Pot (beef and chicken) with bonito stock instead. It was my first time trying this here, the last time I was at this restaurant was many years ago, having the regular dishes.
What they do is that they will fry the meat in the pot with lots of garlic, onions and spicy sauce. The beef and chicken were so full of flavour and really tasty!
After the meat is cooked and served to us, they will then pour the soup into the pot. When it boils, the rest of the ingredients (yam, tofu, mushrooms, prawns, pork balls, fish balls, cabbage, chicken, foo-chook "beancurd skin" and corn on the cob) are then mixed into the pot.
With some remnants of the spicy sauce, garlic, onion in the pot, the soup was simply wonderful, complimenting the ingredients. It's a different kind of steamboat, one I wouldn't mind coming back for again. Lovely.

It was recommended that we tried the Caramel Yam for dessert and I'm glad I got a chance to. Being quite full, we ordered a small portion. Slices of yam are rolled into some honey and sesame seeds and then quickly dipped into ice cold water to harden it.
So, what you get is a crunchy effect on the outside with the nice soft yam on the inside. This is a great dessert!
It was a good meal, something different from the norm. I'm looking forward to coming back here again.

A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat. ~ Old New York Proverb


c said...

mmmm....i'm looking forward to lunch

boo_licious said...

Hey, glad you liked the food, go try the other dishes as they're also super yummy. I'll link this up to my post so people can see the stone pot.

Tummythoz said...

Fry food on table? Won't d clothes, hair & skin smell thereafter? Looks & sounds real interesting tho.

wmw said...

c : Hope you have a good lunch!

boo : Super yummy? Wah, must try then!

tummythoz : Come to think of it, I did smell like nice spicy meat! Ha ha ha...So, go there in your old clothes and wash hair after the meal, I guess. But food is good enough not to mind.

Seksun said...

Sounds like a great restaurant. Where about exactly is it?

wmw said...

seksun : It's opposite Teapot Cafe, the block that starts with Sri Siam. It's located somewhere in the middle of the block (another indication is that it's opposite the Mobil petrol station on the main road). Hope this helps.

tekko said...

looks great! but somehow weird in a Taiwan Restaurant served by Indian waiter. btw, how much the Stonefire Hot Pot cost?

wmw said...

tekko : Well, it's a Taiwanese Restaurant in Malaysia, so not that weird. Less authentic maybe, hee hee....Mmm...I think it was RM19.90/head.