Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tempura King, 1Utama (Updated 11 Nov)

Talking about Japanese food, I thought of putting up this post on Tempura King, 1Utama, next to Sushi King at the old wing. This small restaurant gave us a few pleasant surprises when we ate dinner there one night. Its obscure location and being right next to the more famous Sushi King might be why there were only two other tables occupied. By the way, the bespectacled staff in the picture on the left is very hardworking and it was good service all the way. Let's hope he'll be able to keep up the good work should there be more customers to tend to.

As the name suggests, the specialty here are mainly tempuras with the usual side dishes. They have set meals promotion, consisting of a main meal, soft drink or green tea and a scoop of ice-cream (starting from RM11.90 onwards). Tempuras suit me fine as I don't have a penchant for raw stuff and was glad to know that they use carotino oil to fry the tempuras. Well, Mrs Pitt at this point, will be asking me to eat less fried stuff. But should it be fried, at least they're using carotino.
Udon with Tempura Bits, Bonito Flakes and Egg
Chicken Katsu Don
Ebi, Fish and Vegetable Tempura
We ordered set meals and side orders of agedashi tofu and chawanmushi. As we tucked into the food, we concluded that they were quite good. After all, considering that this place offered fast food Japanese meals, they delivered (I have tried Shokudo's food at its Midvalley outlet and it was forgettable, sad to say).
Agedashi TofuThe nice and smooth chawanmushi
After the meal, we had our ice-cream which was a nice way to end the dinner (I had my fave flavour - honey dew). So for a Japanese tempura fast food meal that's quick, good and most of all value for money, I'm going to Tempura King!

UPDATE:Went with family to Tempura King and took more pics. Thought I should just add them in here.
Yasai (Vegetable) Tempura
Mushroom and Minced Chicken Udon
Black Pepper Chicken Don

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Tummythoz said...

M not a fan of sashimi too (meal buddies' howls and anguish cries forever ringing in my ears). Convenient. When they out-vote me to go Sushi King, I can just pop nx door!

Anonymous said...

wow...nice tempura! will giv it a try when i get bck :)

Korean Princess said...

The Katsu Don looks yummy! Must try!

wmw said...

Tummythoz - High five!

Xiu Long Bao - Your ID change to anonymous after I change to beta! Back? Back from where?

K.Princess - For a quick meal, it's good enough. Don't compare with the high class standard.

mrs. pitt said...

you should ask if they would like to use your pics in their ads .. truly makes one hungry. fried stuff? ..consume in moderation, okay?

wmw said...

Mrs Pitt - Hey, you didn't call, hope NY was ok. Anyway, I'm fine. Mmm...yeah it's good if it makes you hungry!

Rinnie said...

look delicious...

but can u put the address for all the description you do?? it will be easier for who not come from here...


wmw said...

Rinnie : Sorry, this was an old entry before I REALLY started food's the address for this place.

Lot G29 (Ground Floor)
1 Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing)
Petaling Jaya

Anonymous said...

wow yasai tempura ga hoshii ne .... i will try to make yasai tempura ... i lve it verymuch .....