Monday, May 08, 2006

Bachelorettes Not Spinsters!

I bought a paper shredder to help me dispose my stack of documents. I was getting tired of tearing them! Just goes to show how much paper I have to throw away. I actually spent a good half day clearing some stuff, there's progress but I need to work harder! Ha ha ha. Well, I actually forgot to eat lunch while clearing. I then went off with Lyn to the night market to buy my organic shitake mushroom and get something for my dinner. Having walked around the stretch of stalls, I could not find anything interesting.

I was about to take a second round when KA smsed and asked whether I had dinner plans. I gladly called her back to let her know that I can do dinner and she came and fetched me later. As usual, we had so much trouble coming up with a place to eat. That's the problem with us "bachelorettes", we eat out so often, we always have to think where to eat next. Speaking of bachelorettes, nephew O asked me how come we call ourselves that and not "spinsters" instead. Him being tactless as usual, should thank his lucky stars that he directed the question at me and not someone else. I doubt the other "spinsters" will be thrilled by such a question. I then told him that "spinster" is an old fashion word (and is degrading) and bachelorettes are for single women who are hip and fun! Single women of the older age are far more sophisticated and independent nowadays. Apparently, feminists object even to the usage of the word "bachelorette" along with spinster, divorcee and widow as these words are deemed negative! Dear nephew O, please be informed (by the way, the word "gay" is not longer used as "happy" anymore too!). LOL ...

Here's some "happy" cowboys - from Brokeback Mountain

After chowing down on beef noodles from Soo Kee, Damansara, we went to Atria as we were quite full and wanted to walk a bit. Poor Atria, it's quite dead now and a lot of shops have closed down. I hope the management can turn things around and revive it. It has a lot of memories for me. I remember when we shifted up to PJ in 1993, we use to go there quite often for dinner, the whole family that is. Dear old Dad included. We would usually eat at Esquire Kitchen and walk around after that. I thought of you, Dad, as I walked around today. I want you to know, that I miss you Dad. I still remember holding your hand as we walked around, or you and Mom will be holding hands, how romantic the two of you were even in your golden years. I remember the warmth of your hands, Dad. It runs in the family, my friends told me that I have warm hands too. Dad, I miss seeing your mischievous smile as you pull another prank on me. Dad, I miss being around you, you have brought me a lot of happy memories. This bachelorette wants you to know that.

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me
watch him do it. ~Clarence Budington Kelland

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