Monday, May 01, 2006

Live, Love and Laugh

It was a day full of activities today. After church, I joined the Mahs for lunch but was delayed. When I reached their house, I was informed some visitors would be dropping by to see Mrs M, some visitors that I wouldn't want to meet. WH and I then went off rounding to kill time and by the time the visitors left, it was about near to 4pm. I was so hungry I could eat a horse (on normal days, it would be a pony!). We then left to see Mr M in the hospital. We had a tough time coaxing him to eat, he said it didn't matter whether he did or not, things are not going to change. You see, Mr M has been diagnosed with lung cancer, and since, his mentality is of a kid (due to an accident about 6 years ago. He had to be persuaded and when that failed, scolded and then threatened before he ate his dinner. I looked at his chart, Mr M is just 43kgs!

Sometimes I do wonder, Mrs M has been through so much, having 5 kids. Having to be the sole bread winner since Mr M could not work anymore after the accident. She did all sorts of work, selling hawker food, tailoring clothes, making cookies, washing houses and clothes. All these to bring her kids up, it's a hard life indeed. Then she was diagnosed with cancer back in 2002, it was in a very early stage though. Miraculously, it's seems to have gone into remission and she is okay now. Her kids started to work, and things were starting to look up for her. Then, Mr M gets admitted into the hospital. She prays fervently and is a faithful servant to God. I can only tell myself that all these are God's test of her faith and that she will be rewarded in time. As for me, I tell myself that I'm indeed blessed to have what I have. Are we thankful? If so, what are we thankful for and what are we not thankful for? I'm thankful for my awareness, awareness of cherishing loved ones and appreciating the little and no so little things in life. I'm not thankful for the suffering that I see in others though I know deep down, all things happen for a reason.

We then came back to the Mah's house where I crashed out and fell asleep, waking up at about 7 plus when SY told me that E was back from Sitiawan and in the house, after being there for a week. She was in HK when she got a call informing her of her dad's demise. She flew back and took a bus from Puduraya last Sunday. I murmured something and fell asleep again, waking up at a quarter past 8. We then went to Asia Cafe and then to the 100 yen store! Ha ha ha .... It always lead me back to the store. I didn't buy anything but the rest of them did. I then sent E home back to Bkt Jelutong which I always get mixed up with Bukit Beruntung. This reminds me of the Ah Long Bkt Beruntung song by Adflin Shauki and his friend during one of the short sketches in AH-HA. It's hilarious, I've loaded it up here for you all to enjoy. Well, good night and to all of you out there, live, love and laugh...

Life is like an onion; you peel off one layer at a time
and sometimes you weep. - Anonymous

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