Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kedu ?

Picked G up From Summer Palace today. Then met up with JC1 and went to church. G enjoyed the service and said that he doesn't mind going to this church again. Since he had never been to PJ area, we took him to 1U and at his request for Chinese food, we ate at Esquire Kitchen, JC1's treat. We found out that he would like to go into politics in future though he's doing accounting in Malaysia at the moment (US was his first choice but he couldn't get the student's visa). We got into that cos JC1 and I were joking that when we go to Nigeria to visit him, we would like to have a police escort and chauffeured car. He said that it can be arranged! Ha ha ha, he was telling us how visitors are treated. I told JC1 that seeing how comical we can be, we can probably made a comedy movie out of our trip there, a National Lampoon sort of movie, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong! Seems his uncle is running for election to be the king of G's state. Like a Sultan for our states but in their case, they are elected and not restricted to royalty bloodline. Interesting indeed. I also picked up a few simple Nigerian language which are pretty easy to remember.

biar - come
biar here - come here
kedu? - How are you?
Odimma - I'm fine
Jisike - Take care
Mmm cho lo - I want to
Mmm cho lo ini lit - I want to eat
Miri - river
After sending him back, I rushed to K's place to fetch her, little R and the maid to McD's. I have always seen little R's pic (pics here courtesy of K) but have not met him in person. Since he's here vacationing (he's from US) and K was looking after him over the weekend, I thought I'll swing by and take him out. We decided on Centerpoint McDs as they have a playland there (he had a wonderful time playing the slides!). We were playing with him as he was eating his sundae when all of a sudden I realise he froze and was looking behind me. I turned around and there were two girls smiling back at me and at him. Seems little R is quite a "ladykiller", he smiled and then waved at the girls, who in turn giggled. I wonder how much chaos little R would cause when he grows up! Ha ha ha.....This pic above was taken before his 1st birthday. He just turned two recently. K said that he really knows how to "zap" the girls! Yah, he's really very cute (even with all those mosquito bites on his face!), I wish I was two! LOL . . .
Babies are always more trouble than you thought - and more
wonderful. ~ Charles Osgood

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