Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bloody Mary & Pink Martini

Had tea with Lyn today and had a funny conversation about menopause and this brought on stories I have heard about experiences of friends (and friends of friends) with their first menstruation. No mention of names here.

1) Using the stick on pad for the first time, peeled the lining off and stuck the sticky side to own flesh rather than to panty.
2) Thought "I'm dying" when started bleeding, cried and said farewell to sis
3) No idea till mom pointed out as she sat with her legs resting on top of table, feet apart!
4) Wore the ones with the loops with self made string and nearly peed into it when she had difficulty untying the knot when she needed to go.
5) Really believed that a Bloody Mary drink was one made with a used tampon/pad!

Nowadays, sanitary pads/tampons comes in all shapes and lengths. There are pads up to 35cm long so that one can sleep and bleed safely! Did you know that there's even a Museum of Menstruation website???? Lots of fun, check out the humour section!
For more insight into this unique reusable cloth menstrual pad -

Anyway, let's move on to a less bloody topic! Ha ha ha .... Music. I bought 3 audiophile cds today, have not been buying cds for the longest time. I have been wanting to get Emi Fujita's Camomile Extra for a while now. Popular Bookstore in Ikano plays it all the time and then when I was at JC1's house about two months back, someone brought the cd. So finally today, as I was browsing through the cds in Victoria Music Station, I came across it and decided to get it, finally. Well, it's not something one should listen if they are in the mood to party, rather, this CD relaxes your mind, mmm, I'm too relaxed as it is! Maybe this CD will put me to sleep, but I mean that in a good way! They are selling this CD for USD27 on Ebay, way too expensive! Here's the link to a Thai CD site where you can hear some songs sampling of this cd. The other two are Pink Martini's Sympathique and Hang On Little Tomato. The music and vocals are wonderful, some relaxing and some great for dancing! Mrs Pitt, they'll be playing in SFO on July 28 (but guess you won't be there!). Listening to their CD, I can only say, is like celebrating life! Get one and you will know what I mean.

On a bumper sticker - Who lit the fuse on your tampon?


JC said...

Didn't know u like her wor. AT CDRama Atria long time ago, I bought my fren Camomile(Extra) and keep for myself Camomile Blend & never listened to it again. IMO Camomile is better.U want Blend I can give u? She remade The Corrs' Runaway.

wmw said...

Why you never listen to Camomile cd after buying. If you want to give me instead of letting it "disintegrate" at home, I wouldn't mind. Thanks. What about Pink Martini? You like them? You said Camomile is better, which Camomile are you talking about?