Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Grease Is The Word???

Went to see Grease with KA, SL, SK, Daisy and JC1. What can I say? The show was just okay, felt quite detached from any emotions while watching it. I don't know whether it had anything to do with the fact that I was seating upstairs, far away from the stage. I wasn't that keen on watching Grease, (I mean, I can't imagine anyone one else playing Danny and Sandra apart from John Travolta and Olivia Newton John!) but decided to go along since the group were excited about it.

Maybe that was it, I just didn't feel it as it wasn't JT or ONJ on the stage. Seeing a different Danny and Sandra sing "You're The One That I Want" just wasn't the same. That's how deeply etched the movie version is in my head! I remember wishing back then (1978, I was just ten!), how wonderful it would be if JT and ONJ were a couple in real life. They actually re-released Grease in theaters in 1998 as a 20th Anniversary special. The other movie which they starred together as a couple was Two Of A Kind (1983). It wasn't a hit but I loved it nevertheless as I could see them together again! Of course my heart broke when John Travolta married Kelly Preston and not ONJ. You know how it can be, I wished that Mulder married Scully, Scarecrow married Mrs King, Remington Steele married Laura, to name a few. Do any of you have anymore to add to this wishlist?

Oh well, I was "entertained" for two hours and got this free souvenir from Maxis. Now, excuse me while I go dig out my old Grease soundtrack cd, dust it off and relive the good ol' days of Grease, The Movie by singing along to all the songs! Those Magic Changes indeed ....
Look ! I'm starring in Grease (together with JC1). I had trouble getting into the convertible (Greased Lightning) as it was a bit small for me. Ha ha ...

Marty :Do you think these glasses make me look smarter?
Rizzo: No, you can still see your face (from Grease)

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