Thursday, May 04, 2006

Evergreen Engrish

A short post tonight on more Engrish! Thanks to Mrs Pitt and Lyn. Oh yes! Wow2 told me that Angelina Jolie has given birth to a baby boy! Congrats! Now the whole world would like to see how your baby looks like! I wanna see too!
Pic from Mrs Pitt
Are there really no Japanese who actually cares about what goes on display such as signages like this one? Buildeing???? I do suppose that the buildeing is safe though the spelling didn't pass the QC test and was not certified fit!

You might want to try to get your fortune told for 100 yen while you're in Japan. English Fortune they say but when they use "Hard Money" rather than "coin" (and what about "Pay Down"???), you might not really understand what they are really trying to tell you about your fortune with their style of Engrish. That will indeed be hard money going down the drain!

I suppose when Lyn took this next shot, she was probably thinking, "You mean this Japanese restaurant actually hired some English folks to tend to English speaking customers? How thoughtful". Sorry though, there weren't any English staff(s) in sight. The Japanese also have a love for "s", it's universal It's true, love speaks all languages!

With the help of Babel Fish Translator, I have generated how the previous paragraph about the English Staff would be like if it was written in Japanese Engrish.

Perhaps I her thought of that the English really because it is tend in the customer where this Japanese restaurant speaks English no person of, people are employed, Lyn when took this following shock, "it means you suppose? "Consideration it is deep, how. But regrettable, English staff (s) it was not in vision. And love for "s", the truth which is universal that that it is, love is language everything which you speak in the Japanese!

Learnt this trick from (which is a fave site of mine!) . Just type in the English text and click to translate English to Japanese. The translated text woul d appear as question marks should you not have Japanese text support. Then cut and paste the "question marks" into the textbox again as in the first step and now click Japanese to English. Tada! You now have your very own Japanese Engrish! Remember, the longer the sentences (or more), the funnier it will be!

It's a strange world of language in which skating on thin ice can get you into hot water. ~ Franklin P. Jones

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