Sunday, May 21, 2006

What A Weekend!

Wow! What a filled weekend. E, I'm so sorry that we didn't get a chance to meet up when you came down to KL. Hopefully, there will be a next time. On Saturday, I had karaoke lunch in Subang. Then visited a client friend in Bukit Jelutong. Then dinner in Kepong! I got home at 1am, checked my emails and slept at 2.30 and woke up at 8. Don't be worried that I've gone nuts or something like that (to wake up that early after such a long day). Just that I went back to Kepong this morning at 9am to see a client! I then rushed off for the 11am church service and had lunch with JC1 and SD. Mmm....SD brought us to this new place for Pan Mee (flour noodles or "mee kayu", hee hee). Rather interesting, they have the normal Pan Mee and they also have Spinach or Carrot Pan Mee! They serve it in several ways; dry, soup, curry, loh, sizzling! They have other noodles too like Yee Mee for those who want to try something apart from mee kayu!

Anyway, I went home after that and went on the net again. An hour later, I went to take a nap and woke up at 6.15pm. KCC had planned to meet up with me with her mom for dinner. I brought my mom along too and we ended up eating dinner at Dragon-I, 1Utama. We tried the Shanghai Siew Loong Pau (little translucent flour skin steam pork dumpling with a bit of soup inside) but the ones at Chef Loong (SS2) are the best!

They were having a Cuti-cuti Malaysia Travel Fair at the Concourse area at the New Wing and I decided to take a look. Ended up putting down a RM50 deposit to secure a package to Langkawi, valid till May 2007. Oooh! I better start planning for Mrs Pitt and Zahara's mini getaway(s) when they come over here sometime in July.

Well, I am actually finishing up this entry at about 2am on Monday. I'm waking up early again to see a client at 10am. Wow! It's been hectic...but you know what? It's great, it's living!
These flowers in Japan look like butterflies, don't they? Lovely...smell the flowers! Live!

It's when you're at your busiest that you are most alive! You're not still but in constant motion. - wmw


photo-effe said...

great cute of this flowers

molto bella

JC said...

I tried Shanghai Siew Loong Pau at both shops but I think best so far is at Teng Tai Foong in SS2, same row as Poh Kong. Exterior doesn't look impressive but taste wise better than the other two.

wmw said...

But I did try the one at Teng Tai Foong and didn't like it, still like the ones from Chef Loong the best.