Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Here's To Many More!

This is a post for Sat, 20th May, where the group of us celebrated JC1's birthday. I only got the pics today. We started off with dinner at Lit Heong (again, hee hee, I think it will be awhile before I go back there again!). We then ended up at Chef Ken's in Kepong for drinks and cake.
Eh, birthday celebration or agency meeting???
Well, the food and the drinks were good but of course the outing was better. It's a good change that we gathered together for something else apart from agency meetings! All work and no play makes me sleepy...hee hee. Not being restricted by time and to the confines of a meeting room, we had time to chat and got to know/understand each other better. Even though going on trips together, we normally don't get the chance to sit down and talk. You know, the hectic schedule of tours, wake up early, gulp down breakfast, run to the bus, sightseeing, shopping, lunch, ushered back to bus, more sightseeing, more shopping, dinner, ushered back to bus and then back to hotel. However, the girls normally gather in a room for girls' talk when we can. So, such outings like the one on Saturday was a refreshing change. Here's to many more, birthdays and all!
The green tea cake was delicious. We put the cake back together when we realised that we should take a pic of it first. LOL!

The best birthdays of all are those that haven't arrived yet. - Robert Orben


photo-effe said...

happy birthday to you

Sandra said...

I was procastinating from updating my resume last night and kept on pressing the "Next Blog" button.

You are one of the funniest person I've ever come across.

Not trying to sound satirical here, but if I'm a guy I would want to date you that's for sure ;)

wmw said...

Hi photo-effe
The post is about my friend's birthday. Mine is later in the month of October!
Thanks for the early birthday wishes anyway.

wmw said...

Hi Sandra,
Thanks for the compliment. If you were a guy you would want to date me? Ha Ha ... you should read this then

mrs. pitt said...

Please wish JC happy birthday!! glad to know everyone had a blast. Green Tea Cake? Hmmmmm ....Interesting

Sandra said...

Hey guess what...

In our profile, your first in favourite movies is the same with mine.

I didn't notice it before. Spooky. A nice spooky tho hehehe.

PS. My boyfriend is a keeper Wohooo :-)