Thursday, May 18, 2006

Keanu Cutie!

Had wanted to blog earlier but Streamyx was down, I just couldn't get connected to the internet. It's late now and I just remembered that I told K that I will blog about Keanu Reeves. I like him and still do, though I think he's a bit skinny nowadays. His most "beautiful" days was when he starred in "Speed", he was so gorgeous. I remember the scene when he was chasing after the bus and he rammed the bus's glass door panel with his elbow. That was so cool!!!!!! He was also cool looking in Point Break.

Of course, I will never forget Paula Abdul's Rush Rush music video! I was so upset that she got to kiss him. Watch the video and take another trip down memory lane featuring a young Paula Abdul and Keanu!

How could Diane Keaton's character choose Jack Nicholson's character over Keanu's character in "Something's Gotta Give"?. Yeah, Keanu's definitely not forgotten. I'll blog more on him in the future (of course on Daniel and Yutaka too).

Jack : I have to warn you, I've heard relationships based on intense experiences never work.
Annie : OK. We'll have to base it on sex then.
Jack : Whatever you say, ma'am.
(Last few lines from "Speed")


Korean Princess said...

SPEED is my all time fav. Keanu movie. Like I told U, I watched it in the cinema 3 times in Perth in 1994! Gosh! This movie is 12 yrs old.

wmw said...

I think I watched it about 7 times, told you that I bought the LD (those days no DVD yet).